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Kara Marie
Kara Marie
My thoughts have wings until we meet again XO
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I love my cards. They are super honest. My clients are usually amazed at the clarity they receive. If you choose me for a reading, trust it wasn't an accident; It's our guides and angels that have connected us. Namaste :)
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Destiny/Life Path
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Past Lives
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Angel Readings
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Astrology – Vedic
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I have been "sensitive" since I was a little girl; So much, in fact, I would ask to sleep with my mom and dad a whole bunch out of fear from the things I would see and feel during the night! I have been providing Astrological and Intuitive insight for the past 25 years (over half my life) and have found that the use of Oracle Cards and a Pendulum are effective tools in confirming what I sense.
Approach to Topics
I use angels to get to the heart of your relationship questions. I also do Astrological Node Email Readings for $30 (in the way of Karmic Astrology) to help you discern if you have had a past- life connection with somebody else and what type of relationship it was (IE siblings/ student- teacher/ husband- wife, etc). From that, I can also see what type of relationship you're destined to have with them in the next life, if any. This reading also sheds light on your own personal life lessons, guiding you to spiritual- ascension of those. *AS AN ADDED BONUS* I will include any Chiron- Venus (the MAGIcal marriage linkage) interaspects I locate within the couple's synastry chart too! If present, the MAGIcal linkage helps to unite a couple and make them want to marry. This linkage has been found to be one of the most common linkages in married couples, and is one of the most romantic linkages to boot :)
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