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Using the gifts he was born with, Ron can assist in many areas of life, including Romantic(LGBTQ included), Family and Platonic Friendships. Are they sincere? What are their true intentions? Ron DIGS DEEP to get the answers!
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Since he was born, Ron has experienced an uncanny awareness of energy, spirits, and an understanding of them. He often remembers when he was little and would be speaking to his "friends" which he later identified as being my spirit guides.

However, being raised a strict Catholic in a small town was not conducive to him being able to share his abilities with anyone. So he tried to fit in, which meant suppressing connections to the spirit realm. He worked in various industries for the first half of his life. Although the career work he pursued bordered on using his intuitive gifts, it fell short of feeling truly meaningful.

After some years, he experienced some life-altering events, which served to repurpose his life.

His intuition grew stronger than before. Soon he could no longer deny it and he started pursuing his true life path, to teach and be an open channel for the Universe’s Love and Guidance for others.

He wishes everyone to be able to live a more Joyful and Worry-Free Life here on Earth. He is all about helping others stay in sync and aligned with their own Universally Designed Human Matrix (Life Purpose). He offers his Intuitive Gifts to those that Truly Desire a More Sustainable Balance on their current Life Path.

Ron is a Psychic Medium and can assist in many areas of life, such as career, real estate, property readings, relationships, past lives, pet communication, communicating with the deceased, and more!
Approach to Topics
Using only the gifts he was born with, Ron has grown to trust the information that his guides and angels share with him. His natural gifts have benefitted many individuals around the world. With his heightened sense of intuition and sensitivity to the natural energies that surround everyone, Ron has been called upon to assist in solving many complex scenarios.

30+Yrs Exp. Ron Spirit Bear of Karmik Channels can assist in many areas of life, Career/Finance Relationships(LGBTQ included), Destiny/ Life Path, Spiritual Coaching, connecting with your Guides/Past Lives, and Much MORE!!

Ron is Truly Honest, tells it like it is, he does not tell clients what they want to hear but what spirit wants them to know. He is also compassionate and understanding about the various stages of the journey we call life and does not pass judgment on those who employ his services.
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