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Love and Relationships for 2021, June 7 planets are in retrograde, Empath's we are experiencing crazy ascension symptoms. Relationship issues, Breakups, Reconciliations and New Love. All Readings are 5 minutes or above.
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My mother was born with a Veil. And was a psychic, medium, tarot card reader, and Astrologer. I managed her ever since I was 16. I was taught to use my gifts at the age of 10. Since her passing I connect with her and other spiritual beings that have transformed from this plane. I am here to help you connect with your love ones. I am here to share my abundance of love and compassion for coaching you to be a wonderful being. I promote positive energy and love. I am 99.5% accurate with my numerology techniques.
I can bring you close to your love ones. That have transformed from this plane.
Approach to Topics
Using my psychic abilities I am able to see negative energies around. My angels guides me to the truth. I want to share my angels guiding my gifts. I am here to help you get over you grief of passed love ones. I used Numerology for past, present and future with love, money and life.
I promote positive and love to be spread around. I am a Goddess worker I am here to help humans get over life issues and how to cope with the issues that we have to deal with life Have to learn self love. And I can teach you with love and meditation.
If you can't focus on meditating, you should talk with me with my basic meditation techniques.
One on One Meditation sessions
Get your ex back with magic!
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