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Light Warrior27
Light Warrior27
Twin Flame/Soulmate Guidance To Manifest True Love
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Allow me to guide you to find answers, repair old emotional wounds, and release blocks that are preventing you from manifesting the love you desire, or simply for yourself. Expert on twin flames, soul mates, karmic, & more!
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I have always been an incredibly spiritual person, and pondered the deep mysteries of life, even as a child. Almost 13 years ago I met my twin flame, and had an incredible spiritual awakening that has continued to unfold. When this happened, my spiritual gifts began to develop and open up, and have continued to ever since. I see visions (clairvoyance), hear things (clairaudience), and feel things (clairsentience). In addition to relationship/career/life/spiritual guidance, I specialize in energetic healing techniques and meditations that I can teach you to clear old wounds and blocks from your being, and to center, ground, and balance your energy each day. I also specialize in dream interpretation, and can teach you how to interpret your own dreams, and how to ask for and receive guidance through your dreams.

I am an honest, kind, compassionate, and direct reader. I will tell you exactly what I sense, but I will never be rude or judgmental in doing so. My desire is to use my spiritual gifts to serve others. To best serve you, I respect your free will, and so I will answer the questions you ask and not give other information as you may not be wishing to receive it. So, if after I answer there is more you would like me to look into or you feel you would like more information about a situation, feel free to ask! I can provide information not only about what is going on or why things are happening, but I can also shed light on deeper insights into how patterns and situations can be helped or changed for the better in your life. What you choose to seek is up to you :)
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No matter the relationship issue you are having, whether it is within a current relationship, you are interested in someone, you are waiting for someone special, or if you would simply like to work on the most important relationship of all (the one with yourself!), I can assist you. I specialize in twin soul/twin flame, soul mate, karmic relationships, and family/friend/self relationships. I can help you to see deeper into situations and the feelings and intentions of others in your life, and to look at your own actions and energy to see how that is also playing a part, so that you can take control to create change in your life. Any relationship dynamic can be shifted simply by healing yourself and changing your own patterns. Our own energy has the power to greatly affect others. It does so at all times, and so we must take great care to create only positive and loving energy that will create positivity for both ourselves and others. When we do this and live in alignment with our purpose and live with meaning we are our true selves, and we naturally attract the relationship that our soul wants us to be in, with a person that is able to be their true self as well, and with whom we can be in a loving and harmonious relationship with.

For those of you that are within a twin flame/twin soul (they mean the same thing) union, or are questioning if you have met your twin flame, I am part of a twin flame union and I specialize in twin flame/twin soul guidance. I can help provide clarity to your situation, and guidance that will help you to remember your true self and manifest into the physical this union that already exists eternally within your soul. Are you ever confused by this crazy, intense, passionate, roller coaster union? If the one you are calling your twin flame truly is your twin flame, then this is most likely the case. Twin flames spark in each other an incredible spiritual awakening full of magic and mystery that can be extremely difficult to decipher without the guidance of someone with experience. I know this to be true because for the first few years in my own twin flame union, I was running and chasing around in circles losing my mind, and I thank God for the day that I finally found someone with a deep understanding of how twin flames work and what I needed to do to bring my union into harmony.

In order for you and your twin flame to come together in this physical plane, it is necessary to cultivate and grow a deep and loving relationship with yourself. Once you do this, this love for yourself becomes reflected through your twin flame, and the harmony you contain within becomes manifested in your world around you. The answers lie within making changes within yourself, and looking within, never within blaming your twin flame or punishing them for their actions. Their actions, when not to your liking, are a signal to you that there is something within you out of balance. Becoming angry at them or trying to convince them to change will never work, and instead you must look within to see what you need to change yourself. It is only when you are able to be your true self and be aligned with the purpose and path of your soul that your twin soul union will be able to come together, as they will also then be able to be aligned with the path of their soul, which is to be with you!

I can guide you to discover what is blocking your path, and can teach you techniques to clear old emotional wounds and trauma, and to center, ground and clear your energy each day. I myself have been involved in a twin flame union for almost 13 years now, and I have much wisdom and experience to offer you. I would love to guide you towards reuniting with your true love today.
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