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Truth in love, male perspective
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You will not find a more honest person on Keen. I would like to give you a male perspective. I inherited my gifts as a child. Allow me to help you find what you seek.
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I am an intuitive Medium Psychic, Empath, Reiki Master and Spiritual Advisor who is very privileged to serve and help everyone and will guide you through your life’s challenges. Let my Angels and Guides connect with your Angels and Guides for truth, love and divine guidance. I do channeling so have your questions ready, my Guides will answer very quickly. They are very good with matters of the heart. Are you wondering why there is so much struggle with your relationship, when will I meet my life partner, "is this person faithful and right for me and the best for my life path" knowing if he/she is right for your path, can give a lifetime of joy and contentment, and growth.

I want you to leave our conversation with an uplifting and enlightened feeling touched by the experience. I am a channel, I receive messages for you from my Angels and Guides, I will only relay the messages I receive to you. In the spirit world time is non-existent and they know that in many cases timing is dependent on how each individual reacts in certain situations. The majority of the time spirit will not give an exact time in the future for predictions therefore if you are wanting to know certain futuristic times they will only be approximated.
I will be there for you 100%, but remember you have free will to change your life’s outcomes. Blessings! To you all.
Approach to Topics
My name is lightworker156, I do not use tools. I am a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Empathic, and I am also a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor . My whole life's purpose is to help guide you through life's toughest times. I will be honest and tell you the truth in love, but remember even though I can see ahead to the current path that you are on, at any moment and time, if you don't agree with it or like it, you can change it.
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