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10 minutes for $1.99
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I can guide you to get your desired results in love and career. THIS IS NOT FOR READINGS! This listing is to get coaching on manifesting. Conscious creators know that they hold the power to their reality.
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Hi I'm S! I took a hiatus on keen to get my own life back together- I used to have 5 stars but that gets deleted when your account isn't in use for a long period. I took the break to work on myself and manifest my own desires.

*I will not do a reading
Your reading is always based on current energies- that is why the outcome can change. It can change if you change your energy which is your dominant thinking. No one has free will in your reality. You have free will on whether you let life happen to you or you make it happen. This is a good thing! I used to rely on psychics so much until I learned the law of assumption.
Approach to Topics
I am here to coach you to get you your desired end result. You don't need me! This is something you can do on your own by reading Neville Goddard's books or any materials on the Law of Assumption. There are also plenty of people with this information online- however, it is hard to implement this into your daily lives in the beginning for some. This is where coaching can help thrust you in the right direction. You shouldn't need more than 1-5 sessions. Some subjects can require more but it is up to every individual person.

I cannot legally speak with you about legal issues or medical issues. This listing is for love and career manifestations only.

I will not read you- I will ask you to tell me your situation as is currently and what your desired result is. We will then begin your plan. This does work but it takes persistence.

Message me for 2 free mins to get you started.
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