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Miss Beverly
Miss Beverly
You Want The Power Of Love Call Me I Can Help YOU!
10 minutes for $1.99
ext. 03932207
Do you want the "Power Of Love"?? ~ Enchanted Love Reading ~ LGBTQ ~ I can help You! I Am A Relationship Coach I Can Help You Uncover Hidden Challenges. Honest, Informative, Intuitive Insight ~ Call Me I Can Help YOU!!
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LGBTQ Issues
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Women’s Issues
Skills & Methods
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No general readings please give details and some info. Hello and welcome to my website my name is Beverly when you have a Reading with me you will find I am warm, patient, and understanding with honest, informative, and intuitive insight and I care about my Customers happiness and success.

Please be specific with your question I specialize in love/relationships the more information you can give the more detail and insight I can provide. Please take note I do not give General Readings my Readings are based on your current and future situation and, my focus is to help clarify your vision and how I can help you get exactly what you want to achieve. Please don't waste your money I do not answer general questions or respond to one word answers and a lot of unclear circumstances and asking many questions all at once to answer, please be honest with your intention for calling. I'm looking forward to hearing from you and having a trusting relationship and to facilitate a 'Relationship Coaching' process to find greater fulfillment in a love connection.

How I became a professional psychic/tarot reader is what started as a fun hobby since I was 9 years old turned into a full-time career. I have been reading professionally for over 30 years blending the traditional meanings of the Tarot along with my own intuition as I deliver information seeking to empower the querent. I am an expert Tarot reader and will tune into your thoughts and energies so I can help you move forward. Readings are rooted intuition and the Tarot cards are a tool that gives 'Psychic Powers'. Love Reading Psychic Work, I SPECIALIZE IN 'LOVE/RELATIONSHIPS' and I give my gifted intuition and guidance with the power of the Tarot cards. My clients keep coming back to me with a problem or a question, and through my interpretation of the Tarot cards I help them uncover hidden challenges so they will get exactly what they want to achieve. In helping others better understand themselves through the Tarot cards, specializing in love/relationship readings I am a reverend and minister and can teach spiritual leadership. I am also a licensed esthetician and a licensed real estate broker and I give guidance in many areas of your life path and I help my Customers see their life in a new perspective. Your ultimate happiness and success is what is most important to me.

I have coached thousands of ~ Individuals ~ Couples ~ and ~ Celebrities ~ who now see their love/relationship and life path in new perspective!!

I am a strong believer in the Law of Attraction and Synchronicity. Are you in the mood for love?? Call me I Can help YOU!!
Approach to Topics
My Readings are based on your specific love/relationship I have over 30 years experience as a Tarot reader, empath, spiritual healer, specializing in Love/Relationships.

~ Enchanting Love Reading ~
I will help you make significant changes in your 'LOVE RELATIONSHIP' and 'LIFE PATH' through RELATIONSHIP/LIFE & WELLNESS COACHING. I give guidance in your life in order to attain greater fulfillment and improve relationships, careers, and day-to-day life.

I will help you see yourself in a new light. In addition to Call and Chat Readings if you prefer or as a follow up from your Reading session I also offer Email readings, {3 Questions for $150.00} I will do a full Celtic Tarot 10 Card Spread for you with specific and personal details for you; I will have more time to point out to you in greater detail and deeper insight so you will have a greater understanding of what is happening and what he or she feels about you and is thinking. I will tune into your thoughts and energies and your motivations. I will guide you point out specific issues, and clarify unsettled feelings you have in more detail for you! I will send you a 'Payment Request' and you send me 3 Questions with payment of $150.00 that will be answered through the messaging system. I have a complete process I can take you through to rebuild and heal your relationship. I will give you all of the details specifically for you and your partner. Whether LGBTQ I look forward to your questions and answering your issues with greater insight in understanding of what is happening. A modest investment a positive outcome!!

My Specialties Include;



Life & Self Care

Coping Skills

Spiritual Leadership

Family Issues


My specialty also includes Life Focus 'THE POWER OF INTENT' and guides in moving forward with your goals in your life!

The Tarot Cards help prepare, avoid, or sometimes even change what may be coming in your life. I can change your Life because I am experienced in the Craft 'An Instrument For Personal Growth, 'LET THE MAGIC OF THE TAROT GUIDE YOU, EMPOWER YOU, EVEN HEAL YOU'.

My focus and specialties include Love/Relationships, Self Sabotage, New Relationship Anxiety, Life & Wellness, Spiritual Leadership also First Time Home Buyer's advice!

My Tarot/Psychic readings will be enlightening... 'An Instrument For Personal Growth Let The 'Magical' Messages & Inspiration Of The Tarot Guide You, Empower You, Even Heal You'!
Stay Well &
Many Blessings, Beverly

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