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Donna is a popular and highly client-rated, accurate psychic with a private clientele. She is fun, kind, honest, non-judgemental, clients claim her accuracy is spot-on! for those seeking actionable solutions.
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I have been psychic my entire life. When I use tools it enhances my ability to quickly and effectively provide details.
I have learned that the more honest and straightforward the energy my clients bring into a reading the more quickly and accurately I can address their issues. You will save money and me, stress when you are just open and honest. We can expedite all the time it takes for me to ferret out the details you already know which creates redundancy at no small cost to your wallet.

To achieve the best reading results quickly a simple honest approach is best. If you tell me you desire a married lover it will provide me with information in a simple forthright manner I can offer the best guidance for you in a simple forthright manner.

You will muddy the reading if you are looking for a Fairy God Mother. I am not, I cannot grant wishes. I can provide a solid workable plan for achieving your goals and give you and indication at the outset whether what you want is an achievable goal.

Approach to Topics
I use Tarot in all my psychic empathic readings. It allows me to provide detail for you and quickly answer your concerns. I am Clairaudient and Clairsentient. I am Clairaudient (I hear conversations) and Clairsentient and Empathic (I feel the emotions) and use Tarot to provide details for a psychic reading that allows you to know many secrets locked away in the heart and mind of your love interest. My readings allow for a great deal of detailed information.

My readings are client driven. I am happy to provide little or a lot of detail depending on the time you decide to allocate to the reading.

I like to lay out a 10 card Celtic spread and start with your love interest's "thoughts feelings and intentions."
There is no requirement to tell me anything about the person of interest. If however, you provide status and the last time of communication we can move quickly into the detailed information most clients seek. If you would like me to provide the details of your relationship with zero information it can take a couple of minutes to verify I am properly connected to the person for whom you inquire.

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