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Nicee Rose
Nicee Rose
I Can Read His Heart - Let Me Help You!
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I'm no ordinary reader! Call me now for a double whammy of my natural psychic abilities and your personal empowerment!
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I descend from a long line of female empaths and intuitives, to include my mother and my great grandmother. Each have had their own special and unique gifts, but mine are particularly strong in the areas of clairsentience - literally being able to feel what other people are feeling - as well as communicating with angels. I have honed my gifts and talents over the years, working with some of the most talented and gifted psychics and readers in the industry. I have been a featured author on Heartbreak University on the subject of love, as well as a noted blog talk radio show. I've been blessed with a truly unique ability to connect with the spiritual realm to help other people - and I want to share that gift with you. Let me help you live the live you were mean to live -full of happiness, joy, peace, and romance. It's all yours for the taking. What are you waiting for? :) Call me now and let's take the first step together on your journey!
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Imagine feeling heartbroken, alone, sad, and like you've got nowhere to turn. You're going through a painful breakup or divorce, or your partner is acting in a way that is confusing and hurting you, or maybe you just want to know if things are going to work out with that person you've been crushing on for the longest time. You feel the stress and tension all over your body, you're not sleeping well, and you don't see the light at the end of the tunnel. Now, imagine waking up one morning feeling empowered, confident, secure, and in love. You've got a partner or spouse by your side who wouldn't dream of leaving you, truly loves you, and will never leave you feeling lonely. You feel at ease, relaxed, and on top of the world! This second scenario is the place that I will help you get to with one of my readings. My readings are a truly unique experience in that I combine my natural empathic abilities with advanced Law of Attraction techniques to get you the love you desire! I won't just give you a reading and leave you to fend for yourself - far from it! After each reading, I will provide you with tools and resources to help guide you down your desired path to happiness! Think of me as your new best friend as I show you what's going on in your love life now, and show you how to meet and exceed your desired love goal!!

If you're curios how a reading works with me, here is what I'd tell you: When you call, all you'll need to tell me is what you'd like me to look into, and the first name of anyone you might be asking about. From there, I will take a few seconds to tune into your energy, as well as shuffle my angel oracle cards. I will ask my angels to show me what you need to know about your situation, and I'll share what the cards say. I will also tell you what I am picking up on intuitively, and share with you your best option to get to where you'd like to be. If our call gets cut off and I haven't finished answering a question for you, I will answer it in an email. :) Also, I regularly give free minutes to any callers who spend five or more minutes with me. :)
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