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Are you sure you really want to know? Send me pic of POI I have a natural ability to see real time feelings and thoughts. You will have a sense of peace, really knowing what to do next.
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I come from a long line of empaths, to my knowledge three generations back we have been giving to light to all who seek. I am truly gifted with seeing visions of a person
through their pictures. I will reveal on a very deep level how they truly are, thoughts,
feelings, after knowing them and how they truly are, you can receive this information
that it would take years to know. Remote viewing is also what I see with your POI.
You will have lots to =reflect on after a reading from me. I can write up the reading for you or we can do a live read with picture.
Approach to Topics
Using my natural gift as an empath I am able to connect with the energy, feelings and thoughts of those you want to know about.
With just a picture I see his/her past and what they may decide to do in real time. This light of knowing has so many positive ways to engage the person you want to know about. I ask that keep a real open mind and also to accept what this person is really thinking and feeling as they try to find their way in life and the purpose of you in their life and what is to become. I use an old Spanish deck as a tool to tap in, my grandmother did to since the age of 14 and then passed it to me. Its really all about you and how together we can enlighten you. I'm 100% honest so please be accepting of that before you call.
I hope I can manifest true love for you as you are here in this present life time.
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