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I am able to help you with love and relationship questions regarding the living and passed over. Does he/she think of you? Do they truly love you or do they just pretend to care? Is this a short or long term connection?
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I've been able to see and know information that others couldn't see. My parents told me it's a gift not just anyone can do. Since the age of three I could see and talk to people from the other side. Through my life it's only use this gift to help others in pain, wanting answers that can't possibly understand, often leaving them feeling so sad and alone. My help can be given to those who want answers from beyond. I cant guarantee that I can connect on demand with a specific spirit. They come and go but I am always open to attempt a connection on your request. I use tarot as a tool for this specific purpose to increase the chance of success.
Approach to Topics
Do they say their love is true and that they need only you? Or are they being silent, so you're questioning what to say or do? To help me quickly connect to Spirit for guidance about your best path through, I ask that at the start I get a few details from you.This is my own way to help Spirit come through. Names and birthdays of anyone who helped inspire your call and the questions you have helps us see any walls that block you from truth or fill you with doubt about whether your friend or lover is truly devout. Using the tarot we'll figure it out. My cards help me get a more accurate view of what life will offer and the best way to make that work for you. After uncovering all that was hidden or unseen it will be easier for you to recognize all the possibilities the future brings. So you know if you should It's my desire as advisor to show you there are infinite choices and how you already have all your answers I just help you weed through the voices. Have faith in me and in yourself too and soon you'll believe that dreams do come true and peace and bliss have been waiting for. 1. Quantum Tarot 2. Dark Fairy Tarot 3.Gothic Fairy Deck 4. Mystical Fairy Tarot. 5. Rider-Waite 6. Gilted Deck
If you do not state a preference at the beginning of the call I will intuitively choose one of these or if you prefer I don't use cards let me know upfront. I specialize in questions regarding love relationships as well as connections with family and friends. My talents lean toward breakups, commitment issues whether all the parties are alive or some of them have passed over. It does help me connect quicker If you let me know they have passed as we begin but that is your choice. It may just take a moment for me to sort through all the information I receive when connection is first made.
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