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Rachel Van Houte
Rachel Van Houte
Love ~ Life Path ~ Career ~ Honest
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I am back! Real and Honest Answers! 30 + years experience working with thousands. It's an honor to give you authentic, accurate insight into your concerns w/ probable outcomes.
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I'm back. I haven't been on this site in a while.

Born a natural psychic, intuitive and empath, I came into this life with my abilities amplified and ready to use. As a child who had a near drowning accident, my abilities got stronger and I often would provide precognitive messages, from my guides, and reading others energetically. Sometimes my psychic abilities are amplified through visions and dreams as well as through clairaudient messages. I continue to hone my abilities through a consistent meditation practice and working with clients. I am a channel who provides deep compassion through life experiences. You will leave the session feeling my authenticity and with feeling a sense of peace and clarity and the knowing you've gained a trusted friend on your journey.

I am a radio host, a parapsychology specialist, life coach, metaphysician, healer, writer, and inspirational medium.
Approach to Topics
Hi, I'm Rachel. I use my spiritual awareness and coaching skills to guide you to find the peace, healing, and clarity in your life in most situations. My specialty is Relationships of all kinds, Divorce, Grief & Loss, Affairs, Co-workers, as well as Affirmations and Manifesting Desires. I have vast life experience with a deep calling and commitment to all who seek me out, providing insights and tools for self- healing. I resonate at a high, powerful vibration, I am compassionate, non-judgmental yet direct in my approach. I desire to help you answer the whys as I go very deep. I tell the truth as my guidance gives to me and it is up to you to accept what you hear, see and feel from our exchange. I need to warn you now, if a client is testing me, my guides shut down. Any disparaging feedback will reflect a client negatively projecting "testing energy." Please come to our session with an open heart and an open mind. I truly desire to be of service for those who are authentically looking for what I offer. People pay a lot of money for my healing and intuitive services, however, I work here between my usual clientele and keep my prices reasonable so I can be of service to as many as possible. I send free minutes to regular active clients.

I subscribe to the belief that barriers of illusion are what we come to Earth to overcome so as to uncover the treasures hidden within. Therefore, I'm centered in truth and I figure that's what you are paying me for. I do not use Tarot but I use my SELF and Universal connection as a conduit for inspiration, information and change.

Lastly, my approach is friendly, yet direct. I care very much for the well-being of all clients who choose to stop by and wish to create bonds of trust so that we can work together to get the answers you need.
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