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RAIN Psychic Visionary Analyst
RAIN Psychic Visionary Analyst
TOP RATED BEST PSYCHIC ADVICE available not forced
10 minutes for $1.99
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47yrs Exp SEES ALL: Fast Answers; You Ask I Answer! 10,000's of thank you emails & handwritten notes from clients. 1 min. answers *Longer if advice/guidance is desired! Request Appointment Call Now Arrange 24/7/365
Rain has close to 100,000 5* reviews with written feedback that raves about her accuracy and amazing helpfulness. Rain has thousands of private emails, and hand written notes from clients who say they don't know what they would do without her. Here's to sprinkling a bit of refreshing Rain into your world...
TOP RATED BEST PSYCHIC ADVICE available not forced:
Regarding LOVE & Relationships and all other matters of life: Will he/she? Does he/she? Will I get/loose/find? Is he/she?
Although Rain is a PSYCHIC VISIONARY ANALYST this is for quick answers; in-depth advice on how to take your love life to the next level, revive a dying relationship, or kick-start a new one is offered & given only if you want it.
Fast Direct Answers ● You Ask I Answer ● Quick
World renowned psychic seer ▪ medium ▪ healer ▪ mind reader ▪ remote viewer who has helped thousands of people just like you resolve issues, solve problems, find missing people/items, communicate with decease loved ones, and make positive changes in their lives all over the world with her extremely accurate and detailed vision.

ACHIEVE AMAZING SUCCESS with Rain's unique TOOLS & TECHNIQUES when used properly give MIRACULOUS RESULTS: Positive things you want to happen DO!

Master Manifester | Pets/Animals | Money/Prosperity | Destiny/Life Path | Career/Work | Love/Relationships | Infidelity | Breakups/Divorce | Commitment-phobia | Family/Friends | Deceased Loved Ones | Grief | Lost Items/People | Spell/Curse Removal | Healing | Guidance

Clairvoyant | Clair-sentient | Remote Viewing | Mind Reader | Affirmations | Precognition | Medium | Clairaudient | Innate Skills gifted from God, Source, & Heaven passed on over 100’s of generations.


RAIN'S Background
• Rain remembers life in the crib when “others” not of this Earth came to visit her. Rain has always known about her gifts when she was only 4 years old other family members became aware of her gifts. Over the years she learned more and more about her abilities and had many experiences, to a small child these were frightening to her and her guardians, as she matured she grew to understand her abilities and learned to trust them more and more. She had many spontaneous transcendent other worldly induced trance lessons to raise her awareness and develop her abilities as higher beings taught her more about her gifts. She has taught many Masters' seminars in the US. She sought out a few renowned experienced psychic mediums; each bowed to her and explained they could not read all there is to read about her or teach her as she is already the chosen one and taught by God & Source, some even cried in her presence; this was frustrating to her and too much to hear/accept. It took her years to accept her awesome powers and the responsibility that comes with them before charging professionally for of a psychic visionary analysis session. She was guided away from spell casting, the use of tools, and other less than pure practices by her other worldly Divine Teachers. She came to Keen in 2006 as another place to find and help seekers or truth.

If you are a seeker of TRUTH Take charge of your life NOW & CALL.

Calls & chats can end abruptly. You're invited to call/chat again immediately as many times as necessary to get all your answers.

Request Appointment at your chosen time (copy/paste/link/in browser): http://www.keen.com/appointments/request.asp?sid=12452867

Please see my Life Questions Listing as Well (copy/paste/link/in browser): https://www.keen.com/life-questions/rain-psychic-visionary-analyst/12450488

View a tiny portion of my feedback (Keen erased it all but it will grow back and you'll see all feedback not just this listing)(copy/paste/link/in browser): http://www.keen.com/categories/feedbackoverall.asp?FeedbackName=Rain+Psychic+Visionary+Analyst
Approach to Topics
●Direct & To The Point
●I need your first name & first name of who you want me to look at
●Source ●Universe ●God is the only place I draw info from other than who/what you want me to read.
●All psychic knowings of Earthly things & human acts DOUBLE CHECKED with Universe, Source, & God (the authorities over Earthly acts!)
●Unfiltered, sometimes I cuss... Depends on who I'm reading and how they normally speak, I repeat what is told to me.
●Unique reading style that attracts repeat clients for way more knowledge than just a psychic reading.
●Readings are subject to change due to ACTS done by clients; some change to what you want the outcome to be, others... not so much if you're a self-sabotage type (I can help you fix that!)
●AVAILABLE 24/7/365 by appointment
●AVAILABLE on call rarely
●Promotional minutes may be used ONCE only; abuse gets you blocked.
●TRUTH matters, not always what you want to know/hear yet the only reason YOU WANT A PSYCHIC READING
●So much more than psychic ,-)

Please see my Life Questions Listing as Well (copy/past/link/in browser): https://www.keen.com/life-questions/rain-psychic-visionary-analyst/12450488

Appointments are ALWAYS BEST if you truly want to connect and begin your journey to getting what you want out of life for real... Love, Money, Stability, Peace, Fame, Career, Letting Go, Leveling up (how high do you want to go?), Better Sex Life, Major Purchase, Education, Speaking, what is it that you want to know more about, do more of, have as your own, and/or project out into the world who you really are?
Here's to sprinkling a bit of refreshing Rain into your world...
REQUEST APPOINTMENT: at your chosen time (copy/paste/link/in browser): http://www.keen.com/appointments/request.asp?sid=12452867
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