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Lighting the path of Love, surrendered into the Light, Truth and Love of Christ---Insight to empower your highest potential in navigating the terrain of the heart.
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**PLEASE READ MY PROFILE , IT IS IMPORTANT WE ARE RESONATE IN ORDER FOR ME TO GUIDE YOU IN YOUR BREAKTHROUGH ** I give all Glory to The One that Created all that is - Infinite Source Divine Creator -Glory be to ABBA Father for these gifts of Spirit bestowed me-and for the Gifts he bestows my clients through me. It is for his Glory that I serve!
**Not a fortune teller*** We reach for spiritual understanding, yes, to elevate out perspective above the limits of the temporal realm. Our greatest suffering comes from beliefs that create a sense of separation from God, and separation from his infinite supply: unlimited, love, wisdom, grace and provision. When we seek for a promise for something to occur as our source of peace, we place ourselves in bondage to the volatile conditions of the temporal realm--- in essence we are making the statement of contingency that we will only find : value, safety, prosperity, meaningful relationships and experiences, through that which perishes --people, jobs, material items--the tangible realm is subject to perishing and circumstance are subject to this as well. " Seek ye the Kingdom of God, and all will be added unto you" in the realm of the Spirit , there is no such thing as "time" as we know it. We can only access the unlimited , eternal abundance of Spirit as we seek the kingdom and walk by faith, not by sight.. our physical senses can mislead and deceive us, they hold record of fear and pain, our history and our temporal identity. When we look to a prediction/guarantee to find our security , we are disempowering the boundless possibilities of our Spirit, and also of God. In God's economy, faith is currency, powerful currency, that does indeed open the gates for all of your material needs, your desires for meaningful relationships as well, to be met , in a way that abides with your destiny, not only does it fulfill you , it also heals you and empowers your own intimate relationship with the One that created you, whom seeks to lead you into life abundant, building your character so that you not only become the very presence of peace and love,freedom, wisdom, vibrant health, prosperity , and blessing! within your own experience, but you also become that presence for all whom surround you. You begin to connect with others that are also guided by the Sovereignty of our Creator, so that your connections are based upon : Truth,Honor, Compassion, Integrity, Support, Inspiration, Joy, Wisdom, Love and prolific growth. This unleashes the storehouse of BLESSINGS that are promised all whom seek intimacy with the One whom lovingly formed them! I am here as an ambassador -- it is not by my talent or skill that I am able to view from the lens of the infinite, it is by God, and what he chooses to reveal, to support all of my clients their coming into intimacy with him, and coming to understand their eternal identity in him--his promises to prosper you, just as your soul prospers-- as well as your own ability to hear him! to converse with him and discover the beautiful legacy he has planned for you before this very earth existed. This is how you may access the supernatural , miracle working power of God-- he delights in blessing you as you turn toward him and it is my honor to support you in this journey! I am blown away everyday as I witness him transform the lives of those that surround me and that I work with. All Glory to the Most High!
Approach to Topics
It is my absolute joy and passion to support my clients in understanding the language of their Spirit, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit of the Most High God. I am simply here as a facilitator--an ambassador for His Glory and to support you! in recognizing, and hearing his voice, to be set free from everything that keeps you from flourishing in his Grace, Freedom, Love, Fruitfulness, Healing, and Joy. It is my goal to support my clients in strengthening their intimate understanding of their relationship with their own Spirit, and the One whom stitched them together lovingly in their Mother's womb, our Beautiful Creator! Ultimately we all have free-will that we may utilize to align in harmony with our Creator's will for us-- Which is ALWAYS to give us a hope and a future and to prosper us in EVERY way! He did not give us a Spirit of Fear, but a Spirit of : Power, Love and sound mind. The real empowerment comes in knowing that we can choose, with our free-will, to shift ourselves into alignment and surrender to the grand Destiny he designed for us ( which he made ALL provision for us to fullfill before the foundations of the World!
Our Creator anointed each one of us with unique gifts to fullfill his plans and purposes to restore the Earth and Humanity back to our intimate relationship with him and his plan for us to walk in the fullness of our Spirit, to receive our divine inheritance, and to care for each other just as he cares, so undconditionally -- by his Grace-- for each one of us.

We are all seeking a feeling ultimately--for this feeling to manifest in the form of beautiful relationships, abundance , and experiences that reflect our unique gifts and expression in this world. As we identify, the beliefs that oppress us , confound us, and keep us in cycles of disappointment, we can open the door for the Grace of the Most High to come and and remove those beliefs so that he may replace them with his Truth, Love, Peace and Freedom that delivers us into momentum with our calling.. This is your odyssey, your legacy! There is great poetry, and depth to even the most challenging of circumstances. Calling an intuitive , from my point of view should leave you feeling aligned with the resounding Truth and Beauty of your Spirit, with clear vision and senses to navigate from a place of : Faith, confidence and excitement, and, to have greater context of understanding of the people we seek to be in connection with. I consider it a great honor to be a catalyst and instrument for your success, joy and fulfillment.
** I also offer email readings — $25 for 1 question and $20 additional for each additional question. Please be specific with your questions:).
** please send any inquiries you may have through keen mail verses pings. Pings don’t always come through, thank you!!
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