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Manifest the love you desire. I will give you unique insight into any love situation. I will merge with their consciousness to tell you what they are truly thinking and feeling and improve the potential of a loving outcome.
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Sataya is very unique when it comes to psychics. Her ancestry is particularly noteworthy. She is the direct descendant of 15 canonized saints including St. Clotilde who is her 50th great grandmother. St. Clotilde is the patron saint of brides and frequently comes through during a session. She works, telepathically, with archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael to give you guidance and information of the highest order.

Sataya specializes in love relationship issues so she can help you greatly with a lost love or love life in turmoil.

Sataya works with guidance from archangels and teaches you Universal Spiritual Law to help YOU manifest your desires. What is Universal Spiritual Law? They are the laws that govern the universe. Just like the Physical Law of the Universe, like gravity, they are immutable and unchanging. One Physical Law of the Universe is The Law of Gravity. If you hold a pen out to your side and let go, you KNOW it is going to hit the floor. The Law of Gravity is unchanging. So are the Spiritual Laws of the Universe. Let Sataya work with the archangels and the Universal Spiritual Laws to help you manifest the love, career or job of your dreams.
A session with Sataya can help you narrow down the path that your life is on, and identify the areas to which you need to devote the most attention. Relationships can face challenges, careers can be demanding or uncertain, and even day-to-day life can be tough! It may even feel like you’re a bit lost sometimes, but don’t worry.

Let Sataya share the wisdom of the archangels Michael, Gabriel or Raphael and the power of The Spiritual Laws of the Universe to have the very one you desire by your side or even someone better. Sataya reaches into your heart, takes away the pain and puts you on a path that will help you have a positive outcome in love. It's like talking to an old friend who happens to be psychic. JUST REACH FOR YOUR PHONE!

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