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Sharla Beacon of Light
Sharla Beacon of Light
Lighting your Way to True Love and Joy!
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Leap ahead with confidence and Shine YOUR Light! Need help understanding a relationship? Let's get you some insight and find answers to help you steady your path to love. Twin Flame guidance.
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I've been studying the mystical spiritual world for over 35-years looking for the experiences most of us seek - acceptance, belonging, peace, prosperity, happiness, abundance, and love. I've got some hard-earned wisdom to share!

I offer intuitive guidance from the Angels and Spirit whatever they feel you are ready to hear and is of the highest and best good for all concerned.

I'm a Certified Hay House Card Reader and I use multiple Oracle Card decks and Tarot to help guide you. Sometimes we can't see the patterns or fears that are blocking us. My mission is to help you shift out of any negativity and move closer toward higher vibrations of love to attract the relationships and situations that add value and fulfillment to your life!

I work best with clients that trust Divination, value a compassionate honest reading, and respect my skills.

I treasure helping people shine their inner Beacon of Light and I would consider it an honor to serve you!
Approach to Topics
Given I've probably experienced some of the heartaches and uncertainties involved in relationships that you may be going through, I truly do understand how you're probably feeling! Especially if you're involved in a Twin Flame relationship, they are certainly not for the faint of heart!

Because as you know growth takes work and patience and with Spirit's help - we can work together to put you on the path to your deepest heart's desire.

I've learned fears keep us stuck and trapped but half the time we aren't even conscious of them stinkers! So with Spirit's guidance, you'll receive information to help you shift your energy to a higher state of love, abundance, joy, peace, prosperity, and happiness.

I've also learned the secret to living a beautiful life starts with loving yourself, something almost no one talks about or is taught. I believe it's one of the hardest lessons in life to learn yet when mastering the lights start coming on and everything has the potential to change for the better!

I connect to Spirit's collective intelligence to see and hear where your next steps may lead you - empowering you to make good decisions.

Of course, you always have free will and things can change based on shifting your energy. So I can help you see where you're focusing your energy and talk about ways to change it if you want a different outcome.

I'm here to help guide you to becoming your true best self, which any healthy worthwhile relationship always starts with you!
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