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Need to know when or if something is going to happen? Answers here :) Please read profile prior to calling. Direct, clear-cut answers in LOVE
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I’ve always had a connection to the spirit world in some form or another (dreams, visions, voices, etc.), but it’s especially been within these past few years that the messages have grown stronger, more clear, more persistent, and urging me to reach out and share my gifts with anyone who needs clarity. I am to the point, and don’t do fluffy readings… I don’t waffle when I read, although there are times when the spirit world collides with this world, and discerning its language can sometimes be a challenge. However, I am able to glean insights and interpret them and give them to you, to shed light on grey, hidden matters and to alleviate nagging doubt.

I receive guidance in the form of vivid images, along with a clear, strong inner voice. My readings are a very crystal clear yes/no, often with a flash of imagery indicating ‘why’, and ‘how’. I also specialize in accurate timing.
Let me be clear in saying here that no reader is ever 100%… or even 98-99%, and while I humbly put my accuracy at around 80-85%, I am always working to be 100% for you, for everyone. It means a lot to me to be able to share my God given gifts to be able to help you work through whatever it is you need clarity and truth with.

To make sure you get the most out of your reading, I suggest you stay open when we talk. The more open your energy is, the easier it will be to read and give you the answers you need to your questions.
I look forward to reading with you!

Approach to Topics
*****Please read my profile before calling - I do not do GENERAL readings or read "situations". I work with direct clear specific questions. Please have your questions formed before calling*****

IMPORTANT: Please sit with the initial reading for some time before calling for an "update" on the same situation. If there's a given answer within the first initial reading, that is the answer you should go with. I DO NOT wish to read the same situation when there has not been movement. Please wait until there has been some movement in the situation before having a reading again.

If you're looking for a quick fix, I am not the reader for you. There's the tendency to put aside that predictions are all well and good, but you still have to take action to create that future you want. Having too many readings about the same problem undermines your focus, thus resulting in a greater gap between the life you want and the life you have. Seeking answers to the same question over and over in psychic reading gives you a false sense of security. Apart from the costs of having psychic readings, have you noticed that the fixation of getting answers to a particular problem actually makes you feel more confused and negative about your future? This is because you have given away your power to be in charge of your own life. I am not here for you to become dependent or even addicted to psychic readings, when they are only ever meant to serve as spiritual guide that empower and give you some clarity about your life and the happenings within it.

PLEASE NOTE - When timeframes or dates are given please allow a 2-3 day window give or take. Dates given tend to be on or around the given dates.

My goal is helping overcome great differences and painful separations. I am a down to earth, realistic adviser who will provide you with truthful insight and strive to give you an honorable reading with no sugar-coating. Direct, honest, and to the point! Accurate timing with events that occur... Please note - I do not do general readings. So have all you're questions ready. Make sure your energy is open and clear when you call. I will not waste your time with possible scenarios. I can tell you how he/she is feeling, thoughts, intentions, and desires.
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