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Spiritual Advisor Michael
Spiritual Advisor Michael
Intuitive Perspectives with Michael Dunlap
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Natural Sensitive, highly accurate Psychic Intuitive, and talented Clairvoyant known world-wide for his Accuracy and Positive Magical Advice. Learn to "Read Between the Lines" with Spiritual Advisor Michael today!
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Michael is a Natural Sensitive, highly accurate Psychic Intuitive, and talented Clairvoyant who has been assisting clients world-wide for over two decades. Michael has been featured on several psychic networks and radio show programs, invited to give psychic readings to large social events, and known for his accurate, compassionate and deeply insightful sessions. Michael enjoys utilizing his gifts to assist others in many areas of their lives such as relationship, career, financial, psychological, spiritual, and many other matters where guidance may be needed. He claims that he can not "predict" the final outcome for his clients, in that in his mind no one's futures are completely predestined by "fateful" circumstances. However, he can indeed reveal to you the likely outcome of situations based on one's current actions and choices but this can be changed in most circumstances in accordance to one's free will (God willing) if a negative vision is foreseen. Michael is also able to aide clients with his personal use of positive practical folk magic practices in order to try to manifest desired changes in one's life for the highest good of all in accordance with Divine Will.
Approach to Topics
Spiritual Advisor Michael is a Natural Sensitive, highly accurate Psychic Intuitive, and a practitioner of positive folk magic for well over two decades. He continues to practice and study metaphysics, folk magic, and the vast secrets several divination methods. Michael has been featured on several radio show programs, invited to give psychic readings to large social events, and known for his accurate and insightful sessions. His philosophy over the years has progressed to the idea that "a clear mind and an open heart are the only tools we need to experience the beauty of the Divine found naturally within and without." For Michael, the mind is the key and the heart is the door. That the ability to bring about positive change is truly in the hands of the Divine and also that of our own. As a spiritual advisor and healer- Michael's ultimate passion is to inspire and help others through the use of spiritual consultations, applied folk magic and art in order to assist his clients towards reconnecting with their true creative spiritual potentials found withing and to aide one to properly use this connection to try to manifest desired changes for the highest good of all in accordance with Divine Will.

Michael has come to understand through his experiences that the world we create inside of ourselves directly effects the overall perceived quality of our daily lives. There are obviously many outside sources that seem to be out of our control but we can choose the way we respond to those situations from a source within. Inner Alchemy if you will. A lot of us seem to not be able to see the bigger picture or the subconscious factors that can take over how we view and experience ourselves and our interaction with the world. Michael uses his unique gifts along with different divination method as a tool that picks up or "reads" on the current mindset and unseen factors that play a role in a person's life. These sources can be internal, external, or even a mixture of both. The cards allow him to help bring these things into the questionnaire's consciousness. Therefore, a light switch is turned on to where a person not only sees these influences but now have the power to decide if it is to better to react to them or not.

Michael does not agree with the theory of "self-improvement" for this idea denotes that we are already flawed. Instead, Michael thinks that everyone already has an inner source that is innately beneficial and connected to our outer selves. The clouds of thought and dualism are what temporarily covers our inner light of consciousness. With his natural gifts he is able to pick up on the inner and outer influences of a person. This in turn allows an individual to see their present situation more clearly and the likely future outcome. Knowledge is power. Michael ultimately claims that he cannot "predict the future" for only the Divine and the questionnaire can do this. He can help show you the way but in the end you must decide if you will walk the path in accordance with Divine Will. For only you have the power to change the perception or actions that create your own experiences in life while the final result is ultimately up to the Divine! Learn to "read between the lines" with Spiritual Advisor Michael today!
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