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*SERIOUS CALLERS ONLY* Predictions That Will Amaze You.......Details Is What You Will Get, Knowing The End Results To All Of Your ? Leaving You At The End Of Your Call With Clarity And Insight!!!
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Destiny/Life Path
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Spirit Guides
Skills & Methods
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Remote Viewing
I have always known at a very early age as a small child that I could see, here, and feel things of the unknown. I use to try to avoid it until I got to be a teenager, I started having very vivid dreams around the age of 12 of what was about to accrue before it even happened. Coupled with having a degree in Psychology as well as a Certified Life Coach/Spiritual Advisor, I am the (one) with the answers that you are looking for!

* NOTE* If you are a caller that adds money every 2 minutes, I am not the advisor you need to be speaking too. It breaks the message that the spirits are trying to send through, Thank You!

Approach to Topics

Welcome, Access to my world has been granted.....Hi my name is Jade, using my powerful gifts I am able to Remote View over into your situation with you only having to give me your name and the other persons name in question (NO TOOLS NEEDED) Immediately information starts flowing, to give accuracy to the answers you have
come seeking.

I will tell you what I see as well as what I here from my spirit guides, no questions unanswered, details is what you will get......I am also able to help in areas of Family, "Will My Family Ever Be Close Again" Friends, "Is He/She My Friend Or Not" Money, "Do You See My Finances Improving "Career, "Will I Get The Job"

You will leave with "Clarity And Insight" at the end of your reading. Come, take the CHALLENGE of remaining on or getting back on the right path with me! There are real blessing of Help, Love, Peace, Happiness, And Most Of All, Truth......
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