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Violet Louise Psychic Medium
Violet Louise Psychic Medium
Concerned, confused or wondering? Receive clarity
10 minutes for $1.99
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Compassionately Straightforward, Accurately tunes in
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Approach to Topics
Hello, my name is Violet Louise.

I read accurately, in truth without ego, quick to tune-in, non-judgmental, offer direct answers with compassion, a seasoned seer, medium, and energy healer. For those who might find it helpful, I was a corporate executive in finance.

When you call for a reading, please ask a specific question so I may connect with your guides and Source for clear answers. During our connection, I will also channel Light energy for balance and joy. I want you to receive the most out of our call. I’m here for you and together we can bring in the knowledge needed for your situation giving you the desired calm and clarity with the assistance of an empowering Universe. Connecting to Source has served me well in my own experiences, for my clients, and animal spirits.

Why me? I am solely here for you. In the past, I was in the dark with paralyzing fear or total confusion more times than I wish to count. I guess you can say "it was a rite of passage" for me. Then, Voila! Before I even knew it, I was assisting others on their journey offering relief of the unknown. Being in partnership with the all mighty Universe and having fine-tuned empathic senses, there isn't anything we cannot explore. All potentiality becomes a reality.

How long have I known about my "psychic antenna"? My divine gifts have been with me since a child. There were numerous times I shared with my father vivid dreams that predicted events. When I heard the angels speak to me and seen signs from animal spirits, I knew something incredibly special was happening. I can also remember naming those events premonitions and not clairvoyant moments. I chuckle about it to this day. Since that time, I have studied and acquired more than several certificates for my profession.

What am I exactly? I am a translator and healer when you get right down to it. I am a psychic (seer) medium that can assist you in delivering the loving communication of your angels, guides, and your higher self. The most common questions I receive are in the areas of love and relationships, family, friends, neighbors, career, finances, and anything entrepreneurial. For those who are familiar with psychometry, I can read energy from photos with consistent accuracy. Some clients will request tarot readings, long distance Reiki healing (certified master), speak to loved ones through mediumship (10 minutes minimum), inquiry about colleagues or leadership (your boss), guidance on a variety of healing methods and day-to-day common questions. I do this all without judgment, offering clarity, empathy, and in a high vibrational manner.

Although not required, if you find our session valuable, your review is highly appreciated.

Thank you for taking a moment with me today, and I look forward to our connection sooner.

Mighty, Marvelous Blessings,
Violet Mae

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