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Tarot can be your best advisor especially if you are in a crisis in your relationship. Do you need to make a decision? Tarot offers amazing assistance so that you can feel more empowered in love and relationships.
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I've done hundreds of readings. I understand challenges in love and relationships, divorce and marriage and the frustrations that come along with the unexpected. So when you call me, you are in a judgment-free zone. You are not alone. I'm a meditation practitioner, spiritual life coach, mystic and Master Tarot advisor which allows me to receive insight on a deep level enabling me to see beyond what is on the surface.
Approach to Topics
There is nothing worse than losing sleep over unanswered questions about your relationship such as: Is this person serious about me? Am I the only one? Does he have intentions of marrying me? Will he leave his current partner? Will she come back to me? Is he in love with me?

Sometimes people do not show their real faces in a relationship until you have invested so much of your time that by the time you find out the truth, your heart is so intertwined that breaking up would be too traumatic to move on. I use Tarot to help you know the difference between discrepancies and truth. You have the right to build a relationship upon honesty, and if the other party is not into that, then you do not have to waste your time. My readings reveal how your partner sees you, what the partners think about the relationship, what he/she is not able to say aloud and the potential outcome of your relationship if the energy as it stands doesn't change. I use Tarot, Angel Tarot and Clairvoyant, Clairaudience skills and I can also do The Pendulum to answer Yes/No inquiries. I receive messages from my guides and sometimes receive messages from yours.

Please come prepared to receive honest answers. You may not always like the answers I give you but I will deliver the messages with honesty and offer you guidance to help you move forward. I am a compassionate reader and will do my best to be truly helpful so you can make a decision about your relationship from an empowered place not as a victim.

I do not give health readings, answer questions regarding legal matters or pregnancies.
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