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3rd Eye Mike

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5 minutes for $1
Dream Awakenings the way of the future.
You want to know the meanings of your dreams and how to apply them to your life call me. I can teach you how to interpret your dreams to attain your goals. As well as guide your life.
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About Me
I got into a head on collision in 1987. My doctors told me I was clinical dead for 10 minutes... during this period of time, I had a near death experience. The experience itself was hard to understand... I saw a bunch of close friends and family that
My Approach To Topics
I am a practical clairvoyant that tells it like it is. I do not like to sugar coat answers or tell people what they WANT to hear. I will tell you what you NEED to hear. Being a tarot reader and an intuitive, I have the option to use the tarot but I
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