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Want to know what is going on with a partner? What is he or she thinking? Is there someone better coming along for you? When will financial matters get better? Find out answers to these questions and more.
Breakups/Divorce Love/Relationships Career/Work Infidelity Money/Prosperity
Skills & Methods
Clairvoyant Clairaudient Remote Viewing Astrology - Western Tarot
I have a proven background as a Psychic for 8 years. This has been my full time job for the past 8 years. I have always had remote view all my life. This is where you can see things like a movie or a setting. I can give descriptions in great detail. When I was 29 after a near death experience is when my mediumship ability kicked in. I can't exactly control this particular gift as of yet. Because of this I started to study Astrology to understand this Mediumship gift / curse. In learning Astrology I realized how beneficial Astrology is to our purpose in life. This has helped me predict time frames when things may happen or even knowing what a person will be going through in this particular time. Over the last 8 years using my gift of Clairvoyance & Remote View partnered with my knowledge of Astrology I have been able to help so many people. I would be honored if you allowed me to guide you on your path. =)
Approach to Topics
MY PROMISE: I promise to give you your message with compassion and sensitivity.
I will be 100% honest on what I get. Please do not shoot the messenger.
I am not one to do a reading based on what I feel you wish to hear.
I have integrity in what I do & will give you your reading with honesty.
I do not base my readings on any other Reader. I am a straight shooter and I am 99% Accurate.

PSYCHIC ABILITY, Clairvoyance & Remote View : My specialty is Relationships
I only ask for a Birthday for yourself and your partner to tap into each of your energies.
I can give you details and even describe the person in question. I am also good with time frames.
Is he or she faithful
Does he or she love me
Will we ever get married
Will I lose my job
When do you see me finding work
Why is he or she not calling

ASTROLOGY: My specialty here is Career & Relationships.
This is a different kind of Reading based on the planets the day you were born.
This can be so accurate it's scary. You will need to have your Birthdate, time & City & State in which you were born to have this type of Reading.
The Type of partner you draw in for dating.
The type of partner you will marry
The Careers you will have in your life
Your Life Purpose
If you will have wealth in your life.
What you maybe going through in your life at present

Specialize in Relationships.... Things you may wish to know...
Want to know if he or she is coming back?
Why you were ghosted?
What is he or she thinking??
His view vs Your View
Does this relationship stand the test of time?
Is there a 3rd part involved??
Is he or she cheating on me?
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