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Anim The Intuitive Shaman
Anim The Intuitive Shaman
Shadow Clearing - Healing the Emotional Body
10 minutes for $1.99
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Unrecognizable traumas have the power to bind and attract low vibrating energy. Shadow Clearing gives you the tools to see your truth more fully, heal on a cellular level and to live in the present more powerfully!
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Destiny/Life Path
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Past Lives
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Aura Cleansing
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Chakra Cleansing
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Founding Minister of Ankh Ministries, Anim "Torrie C." A. Bey is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, Reiki Master, Ra Sekhi Practitioner, and Certified Medium. She combines her skills as a digital, visual, and musical artist with her intuitive abilities and talent for creating healing products with Earth Mother’s gifts. She is the producer and host of Planet 9 Radio, formally known as HMi Radio. Under her Spiritual product line, she provides Reiki/Ra Sekhi and intuitive readings, ear candling, spiritual and ritual consults, powerful meditations, healing teas, candles, personal care products, and metaphysical educational courses. She is a teacher of the Celestial Arts and a 3rd Eye Development coach.
Approach to Topics
Many tend to demonize what they don't understand about themselves and hide it away from society, tuck it in secrecy and shame, thus creating repression, depression, etc.. These behaviors often lead to fear, guilt, distrust, sexual dysfunction and so on. The majority of these tendencies are developed from childhood and carried into our adult life. More than often, many are not given the tools or a safe space to see through these blinding emotions in efforts to gain a clearer perspective on what a situation may be teaching in the process. When emotions go ignored, the charkas (energy center) becomes muddy and full of stagnant energy. Causing one to become ill, depressed, undecided, aggressive, frustrated, and the list continues. Thus, creating the Shadow You! This is where my services come in.

My passion is to help you build a bridge between your past triggers - so that their better understood in the present. Through discussion (some reading), we will discover the tools needed to move forward in your life - while dispelling repressed emotions and revitalizing the chakras to their full balance. This is a service that I offer without the conjuncture of other services listed. This session solely focuses on the quadrant. This means, please choose this listing if "YOU" are the main focus. I am here to motivate you through inner work so that you may show up more powerfully in your world.
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