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This listing is for people wanting a simple "Yes" or "No" answer. PLEASE say or type "Speed Reading" when we are first connected, then ask your question.
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My beginnings in the metaphysical world actually began by growing up in a big Irish family listening to lots of harrowing true ghost stories and not realizing that everything I was seeing and hearing didn't happen in everyone's house. By the age of nine I was checking books out of the library about various religions, including christianity, pagan, wiccan and the occult. Over the course of my life I have noticed that not only did I know things about strangers, but I didn't really know any strangers. People always seemed drawn to confide in me. By early adulthood I had begun truly working on my psychic tools- cards, pendulums, psychometry (my favorite but not quite practical through Keen :)) as well as taking classes and reading books, reading people, everything I could find. This life experience is a beautiful journey and I continue to study, to learn and find answers as well as inner peace with who I am. There is always something new. I am currently studying Universal Law, working daily with my guides and angels and, like everyone else, doing my best moment by moment.

For legal purposes, I must add that I do NOT do medical or legal readings. Period. Nothing said in a reading is intended to replace professional advice in any field. Your life is ultimately your responsibility. No readers are capable of 100% accuracy. All readings are for entertainment purposes only.
By engaging my services you agree to these terms.
Approach to Topics
Please don't feel that you are going to hurt my feelings by asking for a quick reading. Sometimes we all just need that extra little nudge in the right direction :) If you would like to elaborate once you get your answer, we most certainly can do that also!
For this listing, I will be using my intuition and guidance from my guides and angels. I may involve cards and my pendulum as well depending on the direction your reading takes. I am here to help, please don't be embarrassed to open up, the more open you are the more I can be of service :)
There are no mistakes, there are no wrong decisions. But there are some decisions that serve us better than others. It is all part of the gift of our experience here, and sometimes we all get turned around, our emotions make it easy to be confused. I am more than happy to use what I have to help you find your peace.
You may not always get the reading you want, but you will always receive a reading with my intention that you are getting the information that is for your highest good.
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