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Chloe Queen of Diamonds
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Chloe, Queen of Diamonds has been a professional psychic for 20 years. Her approach is direct, clear, and kind. Please do not call unless you want to hear the truth!
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I have had an interest in reading the cards and telling the future for 35 years. There was an old commercial in the 80's for a series of books about the secrets of the unknown. "The Hanged Man dangling from a gallows was the sign of life in suspension; while the Death card indicated change." That delightfully creepy phrase stuck in my mind over the years and I always knew that I was going to read cards. At age 22 I was given my first tarot deck as a gift, and I have been reading and studying the cards ever since.
Approach to Topics
My approach is direct and kind. I will never tell you what you want to hear unless I feel it is likely to transpire. A good, clear question is the best way to start a reading, so please have your questions prepared. If you give me your first name, the first name of anyone you want to ask about, and your question, we will be off and running.
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