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PLEASE READ LISTING DETAILS BEFORE CALLING, THANK YOU. I've been with Keen for 20 years and I've helped a great many people find peace of mind and answers to their situation. I use tarot cards and my intuition.
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LGBTQ Issues
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Skills & Methods
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I was a pre-teen when I took a great interest in the esoteric arts and sciences. I studied from a paranormal scientific perspective and a magical arts perspective. Everything from the Rhine Research Center to Aleister Crowley and the Golden Dawn. I believe everyone has intuitive skills, but like any skill set it needs to be developed. And practicing over time makes your skill even better. I'm currently 62 years old, I think I've had a little bit of time to practice my skills, lol. The image is zener cards.
Approach to Topics
I use tarot cards and my intuition. I listen intently to your questions and concerns while trying to pick up on the vibes. Please keep in mind that I don't connect with everyone but I try my best. About the cards: I can not stress this enough, they give advice on what to do or not do to help you achieve your desired goal.

If you want to know when they are going to call, what they are thinking, what their intentions are, when you are going to see them and so on, please do not call me because cards will not answer those types of questions. Remember it's all about YOU and the ACTION YOU TAKE.

I would say my approach is practical down to earth mixed with a bit of intuition and common sense.

The image is the Rider Waite tarot deck
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