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Dellianas Auguries
Dellianas Auguries
Are You Ready To Live Your Life Purpose?
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Each Day Carries with it certain planetary & other influences It is up to us, how we choose to respond to these lower & Higher Frequencies I Am Here to Help Guide You on Your Path, I Am Here to Help You Live Your Higher Self
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Destiny/Life Path
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Deceased Loved Ones
Skills & Methods
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As a Cartomancer for over 25 Years, I use Egyptian Cartouche, Faerie Oracle, Pendulum, Numerology, Astrology, Tarot, and other tools. I have recently re-discovered an Ancient Divination System that is the most accurate that I have seen yet! Using just your Name, Birth Date, and Birth place, I can offer you a Deeply Revealing Reading using this System with Ancient Roots.

I also offer these types of readings or services:
♦️Yes or No Questions
♦️Past Present Future
♦️Star Spread - Factors to be Considered, Advice, End Result or Outcome
♦️Natal, and Transit Reports

Special Destiny Readings: Explanation of Birth Card, Life Path, Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly, Financial and Success, Relationships. Also available: Planetary and/or Decanate Ruler (Deeper perspective)
Approach to Topics
It is my sincere desire to deliver you a truly Transformational reading that Will Change your Life Forever, to help you have a breakthrough in self-awareness that will then motivate you to make necessary changes in your life, changes for the better! With the information I give to you, you will have the tools you need to walk Your Path toward Your True Destiny, and to Live more closely connected with your Higher Self.
I am extremely empathic and sensitive. I Am Here to Help You in any way that I can.

All Readings, Guidance and Reports done with Love and Light,
Knowing, that as we Remember the Light Within,
Then we are Able to Positively Help Others ~ And Our Planet ~
To Remember and Live This As Well. ღ
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