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dionne marie78
dionne marie78
Fairy oracles- find blocks/areas of self sabotage!
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The fairy oracles are similar to tarots. However, they concentrate more on the things that you need to work on or have been ignoring. Call me and find out what the fairies have to say to you!!
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The fairy oracles are cards that are similar to tarots. However, they have a different layout and do not offer paths or a glimpse into the future. Rather, they concentrate on the things that you as a person are in need of, or have recently accomplished and need to continue to nurture. They are interesting windows to the self.

Unlike tarots, each card has a specific meaning - there is no way to misinterpret what the cards are saying. If a card appears reversed, then the subject is likely a block, and you need to take an active interest in fixing that particular problem. If a card falls normally, then either you have started to work on the problem, or just needed a gentle reminder. Oracles can also help you clarify a decision, understand any blocks to happiness or success you may be harboring, or discern true motives behind actions. These cards are very helpful when it comes to identifying points of self-sabotage through thought or lifestyle patterns. It is usually better to stick to one topic. Keep in mind, you can do several readings in one sitting, as these readings actually move along much faster than tarots. If there are too many things crowding your mind, ask something general, such as, "What do the cards want me to know?" or "What do I need to concentrate on at this time?" The cards will take the question and run with it.

Whatever your question happens to be, remind yourself to be open to the response. I will not lie to you or tell you what I think you want to hear. Rather, I'll simply read for you and let you be the judge.
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