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Divine Path Psychic Traci Moon
Divine Path Psychic Traci Moon
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Overcome Challenges & hold Your Position in Victory! My Ancestors gave me the gift of visions & spirit healing. You will see things clearly and get insider information.
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Deceased Loved Ones
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LGBTQ Issues
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Past Lives
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Chakra Cleansing
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Know before you go....I will help you find clarity in the situation you are in.

I specialize in spiritual rituals. I’m able to call forth the energy body of anyone. This is where I gather the information meant for you. I do cord cutting rituals, magick, and summoning, evoking and healing for your spirit. I apply EFT Matrix reimprinting as well as the heart grid in order to dissolve past trauma.

I also specialize in questions revolving around your business, such as but not limited to: which vehicle to buy, or mechanic to use. Who to hire or fire. Who is stealing..etc

Which investments would be a good idea and which won't bring in money.

I also specialize in how to maneuver within your love relationships. I can see if he/she is cheating and with who.

With over 28 years of experience and a presence around the world and the internet, I am here to help you get the answers & results you seek with crystal clear details.
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Loved Ones who have passed
Soul Mate Readings

Are you are are wondering if the right person will come into your life soon or if the one(s) you are dating are right for you.

Are you newly married or hitting that 7 year itch? Maybe you have been successfully married for many long years, and have questions.

Maybe you want to take a new direction and want to see how it will work out!?

Are you wanting to start a family? Maybe you had a baby outside of wedlock, or got married into a family with step-children, or became a step-child. There are several situations that could revolve around family.

Maybe you are dealing with the death of a loved family member and/or an inheritance.

Do you want to know what direction your education is taking you, what job may be on the horizon or if money is coming your way!?

Life situations are all very individual.

Using tarot and my clairvoyant intuition, remote viewing and psychic abilities, I will help you see around the situation, into the situation and guide you, so that the steps you take are the ones that will best suit you on your life path.

You tell me what your situation is and where you need clarity. I am spot-on and accurate. No need to second guess yourself. I am your secret warrior.

I lead many healing journeys and sacred spirit circles. Oftentimes I travel to clients houses or rent venues to deliver my visions in person. My maternal line has Cherokee healers & shamans. I inherited my gifts of dreams, vision and healing from them.
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