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Please allow “CLAIRE" to help best guide you through life’s cares and wonders, through of divine source guidance intuitively with her own custom tarot spread, and/or through her own life learnings.
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I, "CLAIRE", have had my psychic-knowing abilities since my early childhood. I am an intuitive tarot reader (and consider myself to be a master-level tarot reader now, as I could teach it to others).

I was self-taught through reading many books on that subject, as well as my doing test tarot-cards spreads daily for myself for about a year or so to gauge its accuracy and to further fine tune my of divine psychic gift, by my using a smaller only 4 tarot-cards-spread version of my usual 13 tarot cards custom time frames tarot spread, which I specifically developed with divine’s good help to channel and receive very accurate and even more possible specific and detailed of divine guidance, and even more approximate time-exact likely time frames and potential outcomes. Of course, the more tarot cards I may lay out in my own tarot spread, the more of its of divine guidance there is to know about.

The shuffling of the tarot cards to channel in of divine guidance then is the most important part of getting the right tarot spread, as I usually focus on specific first names only and questions asked, and also usually ask for specific time frames to be shown in that tarot spread, while I am shuffling, usually the current month at-a-glance, and I may usually extend it for a few near future months, depending upon the amount KEEN time I may have. I am an empath so I am divinely guided as to when to stop shuffling the tarot cards for that person’s tarot spread guidance (as I can actually through energy sensations in my hands into my arms feel when to stop shuffling and to cut those cards to then lay out that tarot spread).

Quite often, I will receive the from only of divine-source guidance intuitively and start communicating it, even before I actually see the tarot cards in a tarot spread that suggests that same or very similar guidance/advice, though even more of it. As I actually focus on that same tarot card, I will keep receiving even more of divine guidance from it, and also from its surrounding tarot cards in a tarot spread; and usually for my KEEN readings, with my first laying out my own custom time frames tarot spread, consisting of usually 13 tarot cards, showing some recent past, present, very near future, and near through not too distant future. I may also lay out additional tarot cards in that same tarot spread for even more its of divine source guidance, and I have, at times, laid out/viewed to read and/or have read all 78 tarot cards in a same tarot spread.

I, "CLAIRE", am also self-taught, by reading many books about it, and by practice makes perfect, in my learning to how to intuitively and properly select the three rune stones for its rune-spread reading, for receiving its from only of divine source guidance, which Is usually most helpful present-time spiritual, personal insight. The first rune stone pulled is the present pressing issue, second rune stone pulled is the obstacle of it, and the third rune stone pulled is how to best proceed. I mainly use a blood stone set of 25 rune stones to draw from, because I have a real good connection with these rune stones, being an Aries sun sign.

“CLAIRE" has over 20 years’ experience of doing 5-star tarot cards readings for others (and has been a KEEN good advisor for 17 years) in doing most usually, most very helpful and accurate tarot readings (in person at street fairs, flea markets, State or County Fairs, from her home bases, or elsewhere), or by telephone, email or in chats.

These days, "CLAIRE” is usually KEEN available daily for KEEN live and/or for KEEN arranged calls from about 11:11 a.m. through about 11:11 p.m. (at times, earlier or later), from the Eastern TIme Zone, USA.

Kindly discuss with “CLAIRE" now about your life matters and concerns about yourself or about others. Our KEEN communications together are held in the strictest of confidence on my part.

There’s no pressure, you are always in control of what you choose to spend at KEEN!
Approach to Topics

I, "CLAIRE", am an intuitive master-level tarot cards reader, an intuitive rune stones messenger, an empath, and a certified Reiki master, level III, teacher/practitioner.

I am an honest, ethical, friendly, fair, caring, kind, helpful and loving spiritual channeler of only from all of divine source guidance and healing energies.

When "CLAIRE" does your KEEN reading, she quickly first greets you and asks you what you would like to know about. Then “CLAIRE” quickly shuffles the tarot deck, one to several times to channel into that tarot deck its of divine guidance for you or about another person. Then “CLAIRE” quickly lays out and reads her own-developed, with divine’s good help, custom time frames tarot spread of usually, initially 13 tarot cards that helps best portray/convey recent past, present,near future and not to distant future, usually a month at-a-glance. “CLAIRE” may also lay out additional tarot cards in that same to extend its of divine guidance for more possible answers, advice, likely reasons, intentions, thoughts, feelings, actions, reactions, time frames, and potential outcomes!

"CLAIRE" may do a tarot spread about your life (you being the querent and it being your tarot spread), and how others may play their parts in your life, or about another person’s life (that person being the querent and it being that person’s tarot spread), and how you and/or others may play their parts in their life.

The tarot spread is like taking a snap shot of your life at the moment that tarot spread was shuffled for and laid out to read, most usually showing life’s path/journey on that course, and most usually showing any significant, pertinent, relevant others and/or advice, obstacles and/or concerns the querent (the person whose spread it is) may have then and going forward, usually showing what has recently happened, is happening now, and what may likely happen as time goes on, when staying on that similar path/course, as per that person’s similar free will thoughts, intentions, feelings, choices, decisions, actions, reactions, communications, and/or the lack of communications.

No future tarot reading guidance is set in stone until it actually happens, because the free will of all parties involved may change any or all potential time frames and likely outcomes at any time.

“CLAIRE” prefers reading tarot with a pocket size (playing-cards size) Rider-Waite tarot deck, Utilizing all 78 tarot cards (reading both the 22 major arcana and the 56 minor arcana tarot cards for their guidance), as well as reading the tarot cards in their upright or in their reversed positions, as they may appear when laid out in tarot spreads.

Divine, God, Goddess, Source, Spirit, etc. (whatever you may believe in/connect with as your highest power of positive source guidance) usually shares what you need to know, and not always what you want to know; at times, you are not to know at all, or not to know yet.

Readings are for entertainment purposes, and healings may help promote relaxation.

KEEN.com Psychic Readings Network has been around about 20 years now, and feel it has been/is a very popular well-known and trusted good psychic readings network.

“CLAIRE" channels/ gives helpful, caring of divine guidance/advice intuitively, mainly using the tarot cards, yet, at times at her own discretion, using her other divination tools (rune stones or pendulum) as well as, at times, draws from her own life learnings, life lessons, and/or from her life experiences to help try to really hit the tarot guidance home to her customers.

"CLAIRE" was professionally tested outside of KEEN on her tarot reading psychic abilities, and aced them.

“CLAIRE" need not be signed in to take KEEN live calls, in order for her to timely take your KEEN arranged call backs, and she usually daily checks for them. You are never pressured to leave a KEEN rating/feedback. Greatest thanks!
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  • Detailed · 10
  • Helpful · 10
  • Honest · 10
  • Kind · 10
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