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Hilary Leigh
Hilary Leigh
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In 1989 Hilary was pronounced dead and returned stronger with a spirit guide helping her. Hilary does not need your birth dates or any information to do your psychic readings. This psychic gives accurate dates & times etc.
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Hilary Leigh is also a tarot card reader that has been reading tarot cards for fun and to gain insight into the future since she was young. At a very early age Hilary Leigh started playing with Ouija boards and later learned how to open doors into the spirit world without using a Ouija Board or any types of psychic tools. In many cases this psychic can just hear a persons voice and tell what is going to happen in their future etc. Her grandmother the white witch also taught her to expand her mind and open up to the spirits to talk with people that have passed away as well as expanding her ESP and learning to read dreams and listen to visions etc.
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Since Hilary was young she has been able to see and hear things many times that are not of this world. The psychics grandmother was a White Witch that taught her how to strengthen psychic abilities and strengthen her ESP. Hilary Leigh is not just a psychic but also Clairvoyant and able to see things to come from dreams and tuning into what we call the other world aka spirit world with spirit guides that put her in a type of trance or psychic medium type zone. Hilary can also do card readings and more. Hilary can do pet readings to find out how pets are feeling as well as find out what people are thinking and feeling about you. Career and financial readings as well as love and relationship readings also have accurate dates and times etc.
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