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Are You Tired of Attracting Losers ad Abusers? There's No Need to Call! All of My Favorite Scumbag Test Questions Are Right Here In This Listing Absolutely FREE!!! Because I Really Do Care About Your Safety and Your Sanity.
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Hahaha, I was born this way babies and I have lived through HELL because of it! Being a Hyper Sensitive person isn't very easy, I cry at almost everything, I feel other peoples aggravation and pain so I'm pretty much a reclusive shut in, I have flipped out on the Blind Eyed Hate Filled IGNORANCE of an entire town that resulted in legal action. (I was literally kicked out of an entire town for calling the local authorities and politicians on their perversities. They tried to have me locked in a nut ward to shut me up twice! After about 15 minutes with the psychologist doing intake, I was told "Your're Not Insane You're Intelligent, let me get you your walking papers"

I'm thankful and Grateful that keen has provided a safe and trusted space for me to share my knowledge and abilities because now I have the confidence and ability to go public with my own thriving spiritual/metaphysical practice.
Approach to Topics
I can get Very RAW and Hardcore with a Cut It to the Quick with a Quickness Attackatude when I KNOW one of my clients is mixed up with an ungrateful abusive user. I prefer a soft gentle approach though, I love LOVE and sharing good news. I can get quite playful and I have brought roaring laughter out of a sobbing soul. I AM an EMPATH, I Will Be Amplifying and Responding to YOUR Energy Input. I like to believe, when you call me, you're actually just having a conversation with your higher self and I WILL be telling you what You NEED to Hear and sometimes that's Not what you Want to hear. I am an Energy Alchemist, I Read Energy Imprints and Translate the Vibrations of Energy Frequencies and since physics teaches us that Everything is Energy and Energy Does Not Die, yes I can read my cards for Animals as well as loved ones who are no longer bound to this plane of existence.
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