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Jessica Chrysalis

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Astrologer, Empathic Intuitive, Energy Healer
Affirm yourSelf with answers from a heart centered Healer. The Universe is constantly provide guidance. Open the doors to the Energy of Unconditional Love that surrounds us. I would be honored to help you 'Find your Way'.
My Attributes
Love & Relationships
Career & Work
Destiny & Life Path
Women's Issues
Chakra Cleansing
Astrology - Western
About Me
Born with the ability to feel beyond the normal realms of space and time, I have been offering guidance and wisdom for friends and family my entire life. Connected to the Earth and Stars, I am able to see the broader picture for mySelf and others. I
My Approach To Topics
Using my innate gifts as an Empathic Healer, I am able to feel into the truth of the matter. I attune to your Energy Field in order to help you obtain physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual clarity and balance in your being. I am honest yet
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