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I am here to help you reclaim your life if you have been oppressed or abused. I can help you with spiritual empowerment as well as artistic and creative ideas that will help you regain your wonderful self!
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I became a psychic during some extreme circumstances in my life. I was visited multiple times by angels and saints and have also seen visions and have had dreams that have guided me in my path. I have studied the various philosophies in order to protect myself and now have come to a new place where I understand what role we play in our own recovery.
Approach to Topics
With a reading from me, you just need a basic area you would like me to focus on and we can develop a relationship as psychic and client that will help you navigate through the coming phases. I communicate through email, send out free minutes and I spend time in prayer for you as well. If you wonder why your life has had so many setbacks, maybe it is time to try something different. I can check on anything you need me to, and be your ally and your advocate.
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