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Lady Basteria Auryalis
Lady Basteria Auryalis
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The POWER of Prayer works even better when your Angel guides carry your wishes to the throne room above. Does it seem like your Angel guides aren't listening? I can amplify your prayers by symbolically lighting the way.
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Candles and flames are common symbols across many religions. Their uses and meanings — both symbolic and practical — vary from faith to faith and person to person, as does the history of their various traditional uses. My experience with candles within my religion taught me that lighting a candle for another person's prayer to be answered is very powerful indeed because you are sharing a kindness and positive energy with your fellow human being, assisting them in their darkest hour with your light and love.
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Candles have been used for light and to illuminate celebrations and religious ceremonies for more than 5,000 years. Most clergy in a church will tell you that the candle represents Jesus as the Light of the world, or that the light and fire represent the presence and power of God (similar to the pillar of fire that led the children of Israel in the exodus). Some might say that each believer lights a candle prior to worship to symbolize his/her life as a offering, being burned up in service to God. All of these (and many more could be added) are nice gestures of symbolism. With my ability to communicate with Angels I can help you get your prayers heard and answered quicker, you are not alone, let me help you now.
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