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Light Warrior27
Light Warrior27
Guidance For Spiritual Awakening & Growth
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If you are seeking guidance to help you change frustrating patterns, habits, and events in your life, and to become more your true self, I can assist you. I can help you to awaken to your true power/light and to manifest it.
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Destiny/Life Path
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Skills & Methods
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Chakra Cleansing
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Dream Exploration
I have always been an incredibly spiritual person, and pondered the deep mysteries of life, even as a child. Almost 13 years ago I met my twin flame, and had an incredible spiritual awakening that has continued to unfold. When this happened, my spiritual gifts began to develop and open up, and have continued to ever since. I see visions (clairvoyance), hear things (clairaudience), and feel things (clairsentience). In addition to relationship/career/life/spiritual guidance, I specialize in energetic healing techniques and meditations that I can teach you to clear old wounds and blocks from your being, and to center, ground, and balance your energy each day. I also specialize in dream interpretation, and can teach you how to interpret your own dreams, and how to ask for and receive guidance through your dreams.
Approach to Topics
Many people go through life with the same patterns occurring over and over, attracting the same type of relationships, and the same types of situations. Some people don't understand why, feeling separate and unsupported by the universe, and feel powerless to stop these situations. They often think that these situations are outside of their control, as they appear to come from outside sources. Even further, some people will not awaken in this lifetime to the possibility that these patterns can actually be changed, and that this is within the power of the self. If you have awoken to the possibility that you do have the power to create the change you desire in your life, you are now ready to open your mind to deeper insights and to the workings of the universe, and to begin to implement these changes. If you are seeking it, I can offer you this type of wisdom, and help you to align with the flow of your true self and of the universe.

I am an honest, kind, compassionate, and direct reader. I will tell you exactly what I sense, but I will never be rude or judgmental in doing so. My desire is to use my spiritual gifts to serve others. To best serve you, I respect your free will, and so I will answer the questions you ask and not give other information as you may not be wishing to receive it. So, if after I answer there is more you would like me to look into or you feel you would like more information about a situation, feel free to ask! I can provide information not only about what is going on or why things are happening, but I can also shed light on deeper insights into how patterns and situations can be helped or changed for the better in your life. What you choose to seek is up to you :)
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