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*Lori Grace* Honest, Accurate, Fun! Serving Clients for 25+ Years. Tarot & Guide readings. Types 65 - 80 WPM! Canadian Psychic *The Little Witch*
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Destiny/Life Path
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Spirit Guides
Skills & Methods
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Dream Interpretation
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What started with having a handful of "imaginary friends" and lucid dreams, has evolved and grown into being able to chat with spirit guides and people who have passed over. Over 25 years experience reading for friends, family, and people all over the US and Canada.

I'm known locally as "The Little Witch". I work with energetically open and spiritually curious people, who are searching for closure, healing, connection, and the answers to their big life questions.

I help find understanding and healing in the path you are on right now, clarity on the reasons for where you have been, and what your importance is with the path you are headed towards in the future.
Approach to Topics
I find the positive sources of energy in your life, help you see them and use them to reach your goals, in times of chaos or uncertainty. With humour. I use tarot to get started, but once we've connected, I'll get spirit guide messages for you.

When I read for you, I'm reading the cards and I'm listening to my guides. I'm listening to and watching the energies around you as you ask your questions. I will see "things", hear "things", and occasionally catch the "scent" or the taste of things. (Yes, there are fancy words for those skills, but I like to keep it simple.)

I am able to connect with spirits, spirit guides, and the soul consciousness.

I always begin with the Tarot, but then I will begin sensing information from my guides, and often times yours too. I have use of all the "Clairs".

The Tarot is used for "revving" my psychic engine to listen to bigger things. I only need your name, and a VERY brief question to get started. Often what I find I do is listen to my guides, who are in contact with your guides. I see and hear messages as I'm reading for you.

Tarot, Dream Interpretation, Guides (and angels through guides), this all can get lumped in together as "psychic reading". I have some very specific things I like you to do before you reach out me.

* THINK about the question(s) you have
* WRITE down the question(s) you have
* SAY a little prayer, let your guides know that you're going want them to allow communications between them and me and mine.
* BE in a quiet place, no distractions, when you write your question.

Limited Time Half Price Rate! As you can see from other readers, my rates are among the very lowest! This doesn't mean your getting any less a reading. I'm working on building up my rating, and meeting lots of new people :) And, I think my current rate is fair, making this advice available to everyone.
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