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Miracle Worker Morrigan
Miracle Worker Morrigan
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Highly accurate with DETAILS, TIMEFRAMES/DATES, and more! I'm a God-Gifted Prophetess, Seeress, Miracle-Worker, Fortune-Teller, Blessed Diviner, and Natural-Born Energy-Worker Witch. I've been Divinely Touched with The Gift.
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Greetings! My name is Morrigan. I have been a Psychic Intuitive my entire life. My family knew that I was Divinely Touched from a young age as my family also has The Gift and has been Blessed as such for several generations. Because this does run in my family, my Psychic Abilities have been honed since I was young. My family knew just how to teach me!

I have studied several Religions and Spiritual Ways. The Religion I work most closely with is Christianity. During a near-death experience as a teenager I met Jesus and Mother Mary. They told me that I was Blessed and that it was not yet time to leave the physical realm. They told me to go back to the physical realm as a Prophetess and Seeress as they (along with God) would be closely working alongside me. They told me that I would come back with Psychic Abilities that were stronger than ever. "You are a miracle-worker," they said; this means that I have a Supernatural Ability to do things beyond the average person which includes seeing in the future and helping others change their lives. They encouraged me to take up Fortune-Telling more which includes using various forms of Divination. During a Reading I tend to only use my Psychic Abilities and Intuition as I connect directly to God, Jesus, Mother Mary, the Angels, Archangels, and Saints. However, sometimes I may use a Divination method if I am called to do so. If you call using my Tarot Reading listing then I will use Tarot; you can also specify if you would like a Tarot or Angel Card Reading.

After my near-death experience I began to see and talk to Jesus, Mother Mary, Angels, Archangels, Saints, and even God. Every night when I was asleep I would have a "Lesson with Christ" as I would call it (although I would have various teachers). During the night I would learn more about my Psychic Abilities as well as my Supernatural Ability of being a Miracle-Worker. I also learned about my Natural-Born Gift of being an Energy-Worker Witch. This is not as scary as it may seem. It basically is what they called me so that I understood what I was able to do. In short, it has been passed down in my family for generations. It is a special Gift where I am naturally inclined to use and Read Energy. I can mend, shift, shape, and do all sorts of things with Energy. This means that I have the unique Gift of changing the future with my Energy-Worker Ability. With this combination of being a Natural-Born Energy-Worker and a Miracle-Worker, they called me a Witch.

I have spent over 20 years giving Readings Professionally. I am a true Professional in the field. I believe in honoring a Moral Code of Ethics. I believe in helping others as best as I can which means giving you the truth of a situation whether it is what you were wanting to hear or not. I firmly believe in helping others be the best they can be and to help them get an idea of their future and how to get where they want to be.
Approach to Topics
To have an excellent Reading and Session with me, please come prepared with a minimum of 5 minutes per question. If you have a difficult situation, please allow more time as we may need to touch on several questions or issues before getting to the heart of the matter. Although I am an extremely fast typist (I can type 90 words per minute), I do not believe in providing short answers as there is always much that also needs to be mentioned. For example, coming in with 1 minute of time to ask "Will my ex return?" could be a quick "Yes." But it would be so much better if you had more time so that we could go in-depth since the answer might really be "Yes, your ex will return but you should not trust them because they are going to spend months playing with your heart while they are seeing someone else in the meantime. There is no commitment and you are better off without them. A new love is entering in 6 weeks, anyway!"

Disclaimer: Please note that although I am a "Miracle-Worker" I cannot guarantee any changes taking place in your life without you directly or indirectly being a part of it. Legally, this must be said. I am not a doctor and cannot treat any medical issues, nor give medical advice. I am not a lawyer and will not answer questions about legal matters. I will not answer questions concerning lottery numbers, gambling, investments, or stocks. I will not answer questions that is super invasive of another's privacy as usually God turns my Gift off when this occurs so I am "unplugged" and can't get answers. I cannot answer questions related to health or pregnancy. I do not do missing persons' cases. I do not answer any questions about death. In some instances, I may be able to connect with those who have passed (Mediumship) as well as give readings on paranormal activity/hauntings. Please consult with me by chat or even email if you are needing a reading on these areas.
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