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Moon Water Energy Readings
Moon Water Energy Readings
Freedom from Spiritual Blocks.
10 minutes for $1.99
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Healingmoon can guide you through the spiritual trenches of life with clarity. Some areas of specialty are Friends and Family, Grief, Destiny and Life Path, General Readings, LGBTQ Issues, and many more.
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Destiny/Life Path
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General Readings
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LGBTQ Issues
Skills & Methods
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Blessed Be Friends

Hi, I am Healing Moon. I am so blessed that you have stopped by today! I am excited to help make a spiritual connection for you through the gift of divination. We all face many storms in life. Some physical, some spiritual.
I was taught at a young age that we are more than just our physical bodies, we do have a soul that needs to be taken care of as well.
Now I choose to use those gifts to stand in the gap with you.
I started giving readings to friends many years ago and was encouraged to expand and branch out by giving readings at different events, which led me here to Keen.
I would like to take a moment here just to tell you about my very first event. This was over 20 years ago and I still remember the deck I was using, The Ice Dragon Tarot! It was common at that time to be tested if you were a new reader wanting to read for the first time, I agreed. I began with general reading, as requested. Before we go any further I was given permission years ago to use this. I laid the cards out and was overcome by this deep sadness of having to let go. I was then led to give her a message about the necklace she wore. That message was, You have to let me go to heal, not the memory of me. You will remember me every time you wear that necklace. She had never told anyone where that necklace came from.
Now since then The Universe has not only taken me on one wild adventure but has polished and shined each and every blessed gift of divination, also a few that had always been there but had been reserved until my spiritual connection grew.
I have always been drawn to music of all kinds, and different times. I was hearing the melody before the words, feeling each note beating like a drum in my chest. My mind exploded as I dissected each strum down to the instrument. Feeling the energy from each melody that was played and is going to be played. What song do you play? The Universe is listening to that energy from you and so am I.

Approach to Topics
The Universe has taken a lot of time me. This is like a walk on how each gift has taken shape in my life. Each contact with me is about 3 to 10 minutes. I work with the energy around a person and the situation. I will ask for your birthdate. ( This helps me to know a bit about you based on your birthdate.) I will ask who I have the pleasure speaking with. I use various tools such as Tarot Cards for direction. My Spirit Guides to help me process the energy, but I mainly read the energy surrounding the situation. When I ask a question about the situation it helps to bring all the energy together. Reiki to help send energy where needed. Crystals assist in the direction of energy in your life. I do play music softly in the background to help keep the energetic flow.
One method I use each time, creating a safe and loving place of freedom from all fear.
( Beautiful soul this is a place of peace and rest for the soul.)
Right away, with the help of my Spirit Guides, my Ancestors, and the love of the
Universe, we begin to connect with your energy. Checking for spiritual, and emotional blocks in and around you.
With empathy, and light we listen as you ask your question.
(Laying your burdens down.)

I provide Live calls and email readings. With email readings please allow 24 hours for a response.

The connection to the Universe is waiting for YOU to say yes!

Love and Light Always,

Endorsed Strengths
  • Honest · 10
  • Helpful · 9
  • Kind · 9
  • Detailed · 8
  • Accurate · 7
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