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Multiverse Psychic Medium Meri
Multiverse Psychic Medium Meri
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10 minutes for $1.99
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Meri is a real, multi-talented professional Psychic Medium, Intuitive Investigator, Energy Healer, who Provides PROOF of ACCURACY & In-Depth Consultations! ~ Just Call NOW! X01182. Want chat? Ask!
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Meri is a real, multi-talented professional Psychic Medium, Police Psychic, Animal Communicator, & Energy Healer. She is also an Eclectic Intuitive Certified Counselor and an Ordained Minister with over 25 years experience serving thousands of clients worldwide. She accurately reads people and animals, living and in spirit, remotely, and provides PROOF of ACCURACY in the first minutes of each call.

A Certified Counselor who is Both Intuitive and Empathic is the BEST of All Possible Worlds: She Really Understands -- and Cares.

And After All, Who Better to Talk to than Someone Who Can Really Understand Your Situation?
Approach to Topics
Meri accurately reads people and animals, living and in spirit, remotely, and provides PROOF of ACCURACY in the first minutes of each call.

In the first minute of your call, Meri will ask you for your question, and the first name, last initial, and date of birth (or death, or age at time of death, for mediumship readings) of the person(s) you wish her to connect with to obtain the information you seek. She will then utilize her gifts, including:


...to provide you with several pieces of identifying information about the person that you can verify as accurate, as proof of genuine psychic ability.

Meri will then reconnect to get you the information you need. Please be patient as the information can be received in many forms: feelings come through in Empathy, images through Clairvoyance, etc., and making sense of it all and then translating all of those impressions into language so that you can understand them can take a second or two for each of your questions -- especially if the information is particularly complex and multi-layered, and received piecemeal in multiple forms, using multiple gifts.


...change daily, sometimes even more frequently. So do ask when you're on the phone with Meri, and that will put you on track to qualifying for today's Special Offer. And be sure to let her know if this is your first call, to find out what your New Client Special Offer is.

~The Future is Not Set in Stone, but is Up to You to Create~

Meri does receive some precognitive information, especially after becoming familiar with a client's energy and focus, which she usually expresses in terms of probabilities, or likelihoods. But, in part due to the future being in flux until it becomes realized as the here and now, it is not an absolutely reliable talent (in anyone). You can understand this by imagining yourself at a river delta where it divides into many streams and rivulets as it pours into a larger body of water. Behind you is the single river of the past. In front of you the many possible ways you may choose to travel as you move into the sea of your future. Look up "multiverse theory" for a much lengthier explanation. In short, if you're looking for that, "You'll meet a tall, gorgeous stranger" carnival fortuneteller experience, you'll have to find it somewhere else: Meri won't feed you a line just to keep you on the phone and coming back for more. What she will do, in the warm, caring, kind, and humorous manner of a good spiritual intuitive guide, is to provide you the information you seek, comfortably, in a way that is easy for you to take in, digest, and grow with on your own unique path.

Meri provides services in the following categories:

Love & Relationships
Life Questions
Pet Psychics
Psychic Mediums
Psychics & Psychic Readings
Otherworld Connections
Financial Outlook
Dream Interpretation

If Meri is unavailable or busy, please arrange a callback or make an appointment. If you are unable to get through using the call button and Meri appears to be available, call her at: 1-800-ASK-KEEN, Ext. 01182. PING or email Meri to chat!

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