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Wonder when love, joy, success will find you? Sick of being a pawn in a game of chance? Take control; claim your power; make things work. Let my clairvoyance and mediumship be the key to the life and love you deserve.
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I spent many years reading Tarot cards which drew me into a deep self-study. I got to know myself very well over the years by studying astrology and other topics. Later on, I began to work on topics developing my intuition which helped me to look into other people's issues as well. Some of the gifts I feel are natural and helped me make positive decisions throughout my life.
Approach to Topics
This is an older photo of me taken professionally shortly before I began working on Keen.com On here I mostly use three-card Tarot spreads so I can handle client questions faster than my old Ten card spreads which were the Keltic Cross that I sometimes do by request. I did develop an 11 card Tarot card reading as well as lifetime reading which helps me find if someone will be a match in a long-term relationship.

Email readings or when I do a double check on TIMING or topics outside of my on the phone/chat time are looked deeply into with my knowledge of Astrology. I use the most sophisticated Astrology system in the World. Sirius software can chart client's lives in detail by looking into their stars, planets, houses, and aspects! I have a certificate in Astrology obtained many years ago in Canada. Astrology requires in (ADVANCE) knowing a person's birthdate city of birth and the time of birth if possible. The exact location the person currently lives in makes it possible to pinpoint accurately events before they unfold in their life so you can match your timeline to your Life-Path.

Being fast for my clients is important which not only preserves money but helps facilitate a clearer understanding rather than going off-topic or using too much opinion. With me, "it really is just what comes up in the cards" or my Clairvoyant vision God has given me for you!

"Never impose on others what you would not choose for yourself" Confucius
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