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Do you have questions about your pet ? problems? allergies? fighting biting? (I am not a medical vet..please consult them directly)
Having a natural gift,I was involved in spiritual metaphysics,study, reiki,meditation groups,and
practice of professional guidance counselling for 20 yrs,tulltime. My skills range from
psychic-remote viewing,empathic healing,mediumship,telepathy,channelling other dimensions.
I have also the "intuition" to speak,to animals,and rescued wild animals,who seek my help.
Paranormal afterlife ,native beliefs,many cultural adventures marked my path to this job
Approach to Topics
I do many different topics on this listing. psychic being one,but afterlife,ET,entities,quantum healings,working with chakra,and other removing of bad energies from you,with your participation.
I am highly skilled being top reader since 2001 on keen
I own my brand psychicangel1
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