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r00tman is a Certified Professional Tarot Reader and Philosopher, B.A. After 60,000 readings, he is qualified to instruct novices and experts alike in the Industry of Psychic Arts.
R00tman is a well-respected psychic and metaphysical practitioner who has been teaching other psychics and metaphysical practitioners about the psychic industry for many years. He believes that everyone is capable of unlocking their own inner wisdom and tapping into the power of their intuition - something that can be made easier through education and practice.

In his teachings, r00tman emphasizes the importance of ethics in the psychic industry - such as never making false promises to clients or manipulating them in any way. He also stresses the need for psychics to stay open-minded and keep an unbiased outlook when interpreting readings, as this allows for more accurate interpretations. Furthermore, he emphasizes the importance of self-care, ensuring that psychics don’t become overwhelmed or burned out in their work.

In addition to providing ethical guidance, r00tman also offers advice on how to develop professional skills such as developing a good sense of presence and connection with clients, understanding different types of readings, and mastering various divination techniques such as tarot cards or astrology charts. Through these tips he helps both experienced and new psychics alike acquire the knowledge they need to succeed in their field.

Finally, r00tman encourages all aspiring psychics to hone their intuition by regularly engaging in spiritual practices such as meditation or ritualistic activities like shamanic journeying. Not only does this allow them to gain greater insight into themselves, but it can also help connect them further with spiritual energies from other realms which can provide additional support when reading for others.

r00tman has been a valuable resource for many psychics and metaphysical practitioners over the years – offering not only sage advice on how best to navigate the industry but also inspiring them to reach deeper levels of connection with spirit through regular spiritual practice. He truly believes that everyone has access to their own inner wisdom – it’s simply a matter of taking time.
Approach to Topics
The Tarot is a powerful tool for exploring topics not commonly addressed by traditional therapists, counselors, or psychologists. For example, it can be used to gain insight into the energy of past lives and explore themes such as karma or soul growth. This type of exploration can help individuals better understand how their current life experiences are related to their past lives and how they can work towards creating a higher vibration in this lifetime.

The Tarot also has the potential to provide guidance on matters related to paranormal phenomena or life transitions. This could include an exploration of spirit guides, angels, and other cosmic energies that may be influencing our lives. The cards can be used as a way to open up conversations around these topics and gain deeper insight into things beyond our physical realm.

In addition, Tarot readings can also provide useful advice when it comes to practical matters like career paths or romantic relationships. By going beyond traditional psychological methods, individuals are able to access knowledge from unseen realms and make informed decisions based on spiritual insights rather than just logical reasoning – enabling them to take courageous actions toward creating a better version of themselves while still honoring their spirit on its journey towards transformation.

The Tarot is an incredibly powerful tool that can assist individuals in gaining a greater understanding of themselves and their lives through its ancient divination system. With its ability to provide both practical advice and inspiring insight into many aspects of life – it’s no wonder why so many people use this timeless approach for accessing knowledge from unseen realms while still honoring their spirit on its journey toward transformation.
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