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Simple Insight
Simple Insight
Tried a Real Psychic? Experience The Difference!
Natural Born (not taught) Psychic Medium. With over 8000 ratings across other Keen listings, It's time for you to experience what it's like to get insight from a real Psychic! If you see this, it's not by chance!
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Destiny/Life Path
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Skills & Methods
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Remote Viewing
My mother was a psychic and I've been born with the gift since I can remember. I've helped thousands of clients on Keen, other websites, in-person, and at psychic conventions and expos for over 20 years. I have the uncanny ability to free spirit write which comes fast in a typing live chat or email reading. When on the phone, I can see and hear what my guides send and tell me. I don't use tools unless you request them. I don't need them. I can remote view, and have success with missing persons, pets, and finding missing items.

I've been approached by a major TV network for appearances in a psychic investigation show.
I've been presented with several awards for "Psychic of the Year" and "Most Accurate"
Certificates for various spiritual work (Quantum Touch, etc)
Approach to Topics
I take a unique approach to the way I provide insight. I don't use tools (crystals, tarot, ETC) unless you request them. I am a natural born psychic (not taught). I find huge success in coaching my clients based on the energy and thoughts of the person(s) you are calling about. Some of the most common aspects that I coach my clients on, include:

a) How and When to respond to him/her- based on what your expectation, wants, or needs are.
b) When to stay quiet or reach out - depending on where their mind/thoughts are currently.
c) How to move the conversation to a better place
d) How to open up their eyes, mind, thoughts, to see the truth.
e) Coaching you to help take away fears and uncertainty that the other person may have

Every situation is different, and every one deserves to know the truth. I am NOT a sugar-coater. I will tell you exactly what I get from my guides. I'm fast, to the point, and honest.

There are psychics that tell you the answers to what you ask - I go several steps beyond that. It's important to me that you are TAUGHT how to deal with your situation(s) - You need to understand it fully - how to deal with it, and how to open up the gates to allow the right flow of energy to enter.

I will explain when, why, how, where - and give you sound, solid, accurate advice on how to bring about what you want, need, and expect. If your expectations are not a reality in your life path - I'll tell you. I'm not a fan of wasting time.

I'm a psychic medium. This means I am able to communicate with loved ones that have passed over. I'm also able to remote view (find missing items, see where and what he/she is doing, ETC) I can see surroundings, properties, and have had success with finding missing people, and pets.
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