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I have expertise in many forms of divination that I can use to help you find the answers you need. Together we can find the answers you need...honestly and without fear.
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Destiny/Life Path
Skills & Methods
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Astrology - Western
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Dream Exploration
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Approach to Topics
I have expertise in many forms of divination and when you contact me I will use my intuition to determine what type of reading you need. Do you want to know what the future holds....over the next few months....lets study your transits at work in your birth chart.

Want to know if this person in your life and yourself are truly compatible...and how can you work out your relationship problems....lets draw a synastry or compatibility chart for the two of you.

Want to know what type of work you would be best suited towards...lets use Numerology and see what it has to share with us.

Want to know what is going on right now...what the energies are surrounding you...lets ask my Tarot cards.

Want to know what your palm has to share with you about who you are and where you are going...we can do a Palmistry reading.

Do you have a simple yes or no question? Or perhaps you want to know what your "lucky numbers" are....lets consult my pendulum.
Want to know what your Dream means....I can help you decipher what your subconscious is trying to share with you.
Want to know what is holding you from reaching your full potential...lets use them all

I am convinced that these tools can help you see the light....many times you may not want to hear what I have to share with you...but more than often it will be just want you want to hear. The Universe is working to make your dreams come true....lets help make it happen together. I am available for online chats....and yes....calls.....as well as email readings.
Email readings are better for Astrology charts or Synastry chart readings...because of the time involved in drawing these charts....I really feel that I can help you find the right answers...they are already there in your head...we just have to help them come out.

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