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Are you chasing your tail over your bewhiskered buddy's behavior? Is your hair standing on end with anxiety, trying to figure out what Fluffster or Barkly has going on? Let me put my furry connections to work for you!
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Believe me, cats are persistent when they know they can get through to you. I became a kitty reader by induction, not design, getting the occasional psychic communications from them while focusing on other matters entirely. They taught me to read beyond the "pet" mold. Cats enrich our lives, and help us to evolve spiritually with their forgiving, loving natures. Yet, they are also very wise. They can spot an evil or disjointed personality. Through living with and around them, I've come to realize that we furless bipeds aren't the only sentient beings on this planet. Cats are a living celebration of life. They'll gladly guide us along, when we're fortunate enough to cross paths with them.
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A Keen adviser since 2009, I'm an intuitive who picks up feelings, tendencies, and overall "vibrations" from those to whom we're connected, including pets, in this world or the next. Cats in particular have an amazing ability to project their psychic energies to those who can tune in and interpret their feline ways. Give me a first name, and let the cat take over...if s/he feels like it. Yes, I can also read dogs, but specialize in felines.
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