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Allie Theiss
Allie Theiss
Telepathic, Dream, and Astral Advice
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I've guided thousands of people through OBE (astral, dream, and telepathic experiences) since 2003. Energy is everywhere and everything is energy. Therefore, you can connect to anyone, in any dimension, at any time.
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You had a strange experience. You think you might be crazy, but that experience wasn't all in your head.

What you had is an out-of-body experience.

I get it. I've had hundreds of them!

It's 2003 and I had recently discovered one of my soul mates named Bill. Learning about Bill sent me through the wringer. I didn't want the soul mate connection and I was rather pissed off that it showed up.

I'm sitting at my computer working on an intuitive reading when a sexual surge tickled my land down under.

I thought, "What the hell?"

The longer I worked on the reading, the stronger the sensations built until I had to stop working & deal with it.

The same sensations kept showing up time and time again.

I'd work with energy all my life. But nothing like this. It was mind-blowing - orgasmic - and I wanted more.

That's when I started to study & experiment with the sexual side of energy and studied to become a sex coach/educator from Sex Coach U.

Out of my research, experimentation, and education, I developed Out of Ecstasy - the anywhere, anytime orgasmic experience.

Astral travel, lucid dreaming, and telepathic connections never felt so good!
Approach to Topics
I am understanding and direct with my approach. Everyone sees and experiences OBE differently so what might be my experience might not be yours.

Because I'm understanding that not all OBE is the same, I am able to direct you to an experience that fits YOU. With a reading from me, we can talk about your OBE experience - how to make it better next time, how to connect stronger, how to protect you from other energy beings - whatever you need to have a better time exploring, I can help you.

(Bonus minutes returning clients!)
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