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Are you interested in what the Angels have to say to you? I am an angelic medium and empathic intuitive who channels the 12 Archangels of Source-God-Love. The Angels utilize me as an instrument of their grace for healing.
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Stephanie was born and raised in Los Angeles, the City of Angels, so it's only appropriate that her intuitive skills would eventually have her channeling the Angelic Light Stream - her term for the energies of the Angelic Realm. Her background in esoteric studies and ancient wisdom has strengthened and centered her in the realms of contemporary spirituality, as she maintains a relaxed, non-judgmental, interfaith approach to her readings and life in general. She is a natural-born intuitive empath and is a channel for the Angelic Light Streams of Source-God-Love. She works with many of the Angels to guide herself and others into clarity, peace and loving compassion. Stephanie has a strong connection to the Christ-Magdalene gnostic teachings as well. She uses both Angel and Tarot decks for initial communication but finds her claircognizance and clairsentience soon takes over as she channels directly from spirit. As an Angelic Light Healer, she uses various spectrums of light to activate and recalibrate one's light body for stronger healing and shifts on all levels. As a Conscious Life Trainer, she coaches from a place of compassion and mindfulness, ensuring that each reading she gives is full of information that benefits her clients. "I look forward to assisting you with whatever issue you are currently struggling with. You are a divine being of light and there is nothing in this world of illusion that can hold you back from who you truly are and what you can truly manifest in your current reality." ~ Stephanie Lodge
Approach to Topics
I am recognized as an Awakening Coach here to awaken the angel or divine intelligence within that guides you in all areas of your life. I'm also here to empower you to become your own best guide and healer, similar to other Christ conscious guides. I provide confirmation on areas you have questions about and will coach you along the path of personal empowerment and awakening with honest answers about where you are blocked and needing guidance on any subject from the "Angel Angle." I can provide remote energetic healing as well through the divine light of Source-Love and specialize in DNA activation, atunement, and alignment through light streaming or heart language.
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