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Ask Zuri
Ask Zuri
Let me help you understand the signs from spirit!
10 minutes for $1.99
ext. 05239040
Are you finding pennies or feathers on the ground? Lights flickering on and off and radio turning on by itself? Let's talk and figure out the messages behind the signs from spirit!
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Past Lives
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Spirit Guides
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Otherworld Connections
Trained and certified as a psychic intuitive, angel communicator, tarot reader, numerologist, spiritual life coach and dream interpreter. I have 15 of professional experience assisting clients towards the path of happiness, answers and clarity.
Approach to Topics
Welcome! I've worked with thousands of people through my readings, to help them develop a better relationship to their own guides. In our time together we may learn who your spirit guides and angels are, and how they are aligned with you in this lifetime to help you serve your life's purpose. I use a combination of angel cards and channeling to connect with your spiritual team and provide insight into their connection to you.

Looking to develop your own intuitive gifts? I'm also happy to provide spiritual coaching in our sessions to help figure out what is your most dominant clair and how to increase the insights you receive from it.

Are you struggling to understand the signs that Spirit is trying to give you? Using my specific gifts, I am able to help you decipher the signs from spirit you are receiving in your dreams and in your daily life. Whether it's crossing paths with animals and birds or seeing repetitive numbers on your alarm clock and your radio turning on and off in your house, I'll help you understand what's going on and provide insight into what that means for you.

Please have specific questions for our session, as I don't specialize in general readings. The more open and clear you can be with what it is that you need insights on, the better interaction we can have and it allows me to dive in and provide more helpful guidance.

Although I may get a message from a crossed over loved one, there is no guarantee that they will come forward in a reading. I only deliver what I am shown.

I also don't answer any legal or health related questions. I feel those are best addressed by a licensed lawyer or doctor.
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